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Puerto Rico may build UFO Airport

Puerto Rico may build UFO Airport
LAJAS, Puerto Rico Mayor Marcos Irizarry's is supporting the building of a UFO landing strip to welcome extraterrestrials that are frequently seen over the area. A green sign in southwestern Puerto Rico proudly displays a silhouette of a flying saucer and two words: "Extraterrestrial Route," for Route 303.

Lajas support for the idea has provoked outrage among islanders who complained it would be a waste of money. Mayor Irizarry quickly clarified that his municipal government would not invest in the project but would help Reynaldo Rios get the proper building permits to attract tourists to his small town. The majority of the people in the town have seen UFOs and other strange phenomenon. "It's a very mysterious place," said Irizarry, who says he once saw red lights zigzagging above the hills. Francisco Negron, the farmer who put up the sign and allows UFO watchers to gather at his ranch, volunteered his property for the landing strip. They estimate the project could cost up to $100,000. They claim they heard a boom and saw the hill go up in flames when a UFO crashed on the hill in 1997.. The mayor hopes that UFO enthusiasts will flock to Lajas. Hundreds of visitors have already come to check out the Extraterrestrial Route since the new sign went up, Irizarry said.

Lajas is unique because of its numerous UFO sightings and Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife Refuge and lagoon that is known for bird watching.

Besides UFOs, 127 different types of birds have been observed as well as balls of light coming and going into the water. At 10:30 PM, on May 30, 1987, a large red buzzing ball of light was seen descending into the lagoon. At 2:AM on May 31st, people in the area were awakened by a blinding white light and saw a huge disc shaped object with brilliant lights circle slowly over the water, as if looking for something. The following afternoon at 1:55 a huge underground explosion followed by a tremor shook the area. Cracks opened in the ground and cobalt blue smoke issued from them.

As if an earthquake followed by blue smoke wasn't jarring enough, residents whose houses bordered the lagoon were forcibly evacuated by members of the U.S. military in grey HUMVEE's and tan four-wheel drive vehicles sporting radar-like rotating antennae on their tops. As they were being herded away from their homes, residents saw men in what appeared to be decontamination suits sweeping the ground with long-handled devices reminiscent of metal detectors and taking samples of water, plants, mud and grass. The next day a helicopter lowered an instrument package into the lagoon. For the next several days witnesses saw a strange flying dumbbell come in from over the sea and hover over the lagoon. It was a metallic cylinder with large balls of greenish-white light on the ends and a beacon-like red and blue light on its underside. During the next several days reports of UFO activity in the area increased dramatically, but also a large four engine commercial jet made a low pass over the lagoon.

Lajas is also unique in having its main highway designated as an Extraterrestrial Route. To add to the mystery the U.S. military has set up an aerostat tethered blimp with a radar system on the edge of town. A similar blimp is at Cudjoe Key near Key West, Florida. The military says the radar is to detect low-flying drug smuggling planes.

The aerostat is a large fabric envelope filled with helium. It can rise up to 15,000 feet while tethered by a single cable, which has a maximum breaking strength of 26,000 pounds. For security and safety reasons, the air space around Air Force aerostats is restricted for a radius of at least two statute miles and an altitude up to 15,000 feet. The smallest aerostat is about twice the size of the Goodyear Blimp. The 275,000 cubic foot, aerodynamically shaped balloon measures 175 feet long by 58 feet across the hull, with a tip-to-tip tail span of 81 feet. The aerostat system lifts a 1,200 pound payload to operating altitude for low-level radar coverage. Many people believe the true purpose of the radars are to detect UFOs rather than drug runners. It is likely both drug runners and UFOs are detected.

Story courtesy of China Daily

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