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of Smoking Gun UFO

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: January 9, 2001

The above photos show the progression of the craft as it suddenly appears in the camera and turns moving closer to the video recorder. Note that at a distance the craft takes on a delta shape and as it banks it exposes its bottom. Some skeptics claim that this simply shows the shape of the video camera's aperture. As the craft approaches the camera the bottom of the craft comes into focus and looks strikingly similar to STS videos of unidentified objects in space. What are the purposes of the notches in the craft: top and bottom? Why does it have the octagonal area in its center?
In 1998, I was visited by a lawyer from Israel. He had contacted me earlier by email informing me that he was coming to Toronto, Canada, to meet with clients. He was familiar with my website,, and stated that he would like to visit me in my Hamilton office. Hamilton is approximately 45 miles South of Toronto.

He told me when he had a free day the day and we set a time to meet. He was a pleasant fellow, approximately 35 years old and stood about 5' 8". He was well dressed and not the typical witness or individual I expected. I knew he wanted to discuss a sighting he had had of an unidentified flying object.

He said that he does not seek fame and in fact wishes to remain anonymous. He has kept the four plus minute tape for the past decade and only recently has decided to share it with the world. For the sake of this article we will call him, Mr. Tamir. He opened his briefcase and took out a small box containing a videotape. He asked me if I had access to a PAL video player. I said that I didn't but we could convert the video in a few minutes. We took off in my car and had two copies made in NTSC (National Television System Committee) mode, which is suitable for North American VCRs.

Before inserting the video Tamir told me his story:

He was enjoying a quiet evening at home in Tel Aviv, when he received a telephone call from a friend in a nearby city. The friend stated that she was watching an unidentified flying object in the sky and it appeared to be in the vicinity of his residence. The friend remembered that the young lawyer had a video camera and also was well positioned to view the UFO from his apartment balcony. The year was 1988 and what the lawyer videotaped from his apartment has remained with him to this day.

The craft was a bright object in the sky and it was being illuminated by the moon. It was brilliant and as it came into view it turned and performed a yaw axis. The yaw axis movement is perpendicular to the wings and lies in the plane of the aircraft centerline.

A yaw motion is a side to side movement of the nose of the aircraft. When I was younger I learned to fly a Piper Cherokee and eventually soloed and passed the written examine. Although, I am not an aviation expert I do some have some knowledge of flying.

At first glance the object looks very modern and seems to be delta-shaped. Then as it continued to roll it transformed into a circular object and then as the camera zooms closer the outer perimeter becomes clearer and notches appear near the top and bottom.

Famous photo of craft taken by cameras aboard

What makes the Israel video so important is the fact that this craft has been reported, photographed and videotaped by credible people stretching from Israel to England and even in the Earth's atmosphere.

It's been over six years since Martin Stubbs released his DVD entitled The Secret NASA Transmission: 'The Smoking Gun'. The DVD contains video footage taken directly from NASA Space Shuttle broadcasts and seems to show unidentified flying objects.

The footage came from the NASA cable channel, which automatically videotapes during the "off hours", when the astronauts are resting and the video cameras mounted on the space shuttle are pointing into open space or towards Earth.

Occasionally the cameras capture images of objects moving through space, or through the Earth's upper atmosphere. Some of these images are of objects with amazing speed and maneuverability.

Release of the DVD created a storm of criticism from NASA and has been debunked by scientists. Objects pictured in the video were stated as being dust or ice particles.

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