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The Kolbrin Bible
by Glenn Kimball

Jeremiah the prophet fled the conquest of the Babylonians in 600 BC and fled via Ethiopia to Britain where his tomb is in Ireland to this day. He took with him the daughter of King Zedekiah of the house of David and the illustrious ancestor of Jesus. That is why Jesus’ grandmother, St. Anna, was born in Brittany. That is why the survivors of the crucifixion eventually migrated to France and Glastonbury England after Jesus’ death. They had family and allies in Western Europe. These people knew and understood the teachings of the Kolbrin long before our Bible was compiled in 325 AD by Constantine at the Nicene Council.

The Kolbrin also has a special third party account of the Exodus from Egypt at the time of Moses. Princess Scota, daughter of Ramases II, lived during the time of Moses and was rumored to have been one of the many princesses who cared for the infant Moses. She married a Hebrew noble who took her to Britain. Scotland is named after her. The Exodus portion of the Kolbrin reads like a third party account, exactly as Scota would have told the story.

What Does The Kolbrin Contain?

The first part of the Kolbrin contains the creation story that both reads like a religious and a scientific text. The last two books in the Kolbrin are about Jesus. They read like a text book biography, as would have been taught in an ancient British school. The Kolbrin contains the moral teachings which they considered fundamental in society.

The Kolbrin survives like the curriculum of and ancient British history book. It is the only Judaic/Christian document to tell the whole story of human creation, including the people who were here on the earth prior to the coming of Adam and Eve alluded to in the Holy Bible. The term “Fallen Angels” in Genesis didn’t refer to spirit beings but men who married the daughters of Adam and Eve and had children. They came from an advanced scientific and religious society who survived by hiding in caves after an earlier cataclysm. They called themselves “The Sons of God”. As “Fallen Angels” their wickedness had precipitated a cataclysm. The Kolbrin has one of the most elegant stories of the coming of Adam and Eve in existence. Suddenly the story of Atlantis and Lumeria and their tales of “Eden” and catastrophe because of wickedness tie into the beginning creation story from the Holy Bible. They prophesied that there would be another cataclysm followed by a thousand years of peace finalized by a judgment and the return of the “Sun God” in the same fashion the Hebrew Prophets predicted the Millennium and the coming of the Messiah and the final judgment of God.

Do Any Other Discoveries Vindicate The Kolbrin?

Several decades ago a sword from the sixth century, the time of King Arthur, was found in Pennsylvania. This sword was featured in the book “Holy Kingdom” by Adrian Gilbert from England and his research team. Adrian suggested that it may very well be the sword Excalibur. From the frescos on the Stoke Dry Cathedral in England from the seventh century AD we see the story of King Arthur II having been killed by Native American Indians. Written on the blade of this sword is the word “Colbrin” or “Kolbrin” in ancient Nagef, a language spoken in the Middle East at the time of King Arthur. The Nagef language is the language of the artifacts found at our Illinois archeological site.

Copies of the very large Kolbrin text are available at or by calling 1-888-904-9394. Supportive documents and materials can likewise be obtained via the net or phone. We live in the day of discovery. The Kolbrin is one of the newest discoveries and perhaps the most significant in over a thousand years. The Kolbrin is like “eye candy” for those who crave to know more about prophecy and religion. It may be the most important document ever found when the “Destroyer” returns again.

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