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Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper

by Mary Alice Bennett

Disciple is shocked that Jesus is holding hand of Mary

Disembodied hand with knife

Hand forms a "V" symbol for femininity

Threatening hand on shoulder also forming "V"

The "V" represents femininity. Also note gown left of Jesus is pink

Mary and Jesus are holding hands

To those who say that there are no references to their relationship in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, this article is dedicated. "The Last Supper" - Let us begin where the novel reveals the first clue to the mystery in Leonardo's painting "The Last Supper". First of all, there is an obvious cover-up. Be sure that the copy of the painting that you are viewing is the cleaned version with the original colors. Even the video specials on "The Da Vinci Code" show touched-up prints of the mural. The original color of Mary's robe is light pink, an obvious reference to her femininity. Some versions show her robe retouched as a red sienna-brown, which is evidence that her identity is being purposefully concealed. Mary sits at Christ's right hand. She is the one who is given that privilege.

Observe the hand positions of the disciples to the right of Christ. The hand on Mary's shoulder, as well as being a threatening gesture, forms a "V". The hand on the shoulder of the disciple behind Mary also forms a "V". This echoes the large "V" between Christ and Mary. The "V" is the expression of the feminine.

The hand holding the knife is indeed disembodied. Look at the abstract design above the disciple on the far right, it is a geometric representation of fertility, a large belly. Observe the older man with his two hands upraised, that is a gesture expressing the feminine as well. The astonished listeners to the left of Jesus use very different hand expressions to demonstrate their questioning of Christ, "Who among us would betray you Lord?!" Days later after the Resurrection, there was a similar scene related in "The Gospel of Mary". Mary is telling the disciples about secret knowledge from the Savior known only to herself. The male followers react in amazement, "Surely the Savior would not confide His hidden wisdom to a woman! Surely He would not prefer a woman to us!" The scene must have looked very much the same as the disciples reacting to Christ's words at the Last Supper - astonishment. Of course Jesus preferred his beloved Mary to His male disciples. He trusted her with his hidden wisdom. As His wife, she was the first to see Him after He had risen.

Also see Mary's detail explanation of the Adoration of the Magi and Da Vinci's hidden clues.

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