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The Vanishing Mars Probes:

from English.Pravda.Ru

Posted: May, 2005

Artificial blackholes are now reality  are we looking at early versions of wormholes to bend space and time?

IKI in Moscow (the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Soviet equivalent of NASA) had hoped that, just as the Soviet Vega spacecraft which flew close to Halley's Comet in 1986 and took 10,000 instrumented observations, detecting grains of ice and dust, the very elements essential for life (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen), similarly the Mars Phobos II probe would also find signs of primitive life. But in March of 1989 the Russian spacecraft Phobos II, programmed for intensive studies of the geology of the red planet, disappeared from the Russian tracking system as it was performing a preliminary survey of the Martian surface. This was the most sophisticated, powerful and costly package of Soviet and European electronics and instrumentation sent to Mars from the Earth prior to 1993 and was expected to perform over thirty joint Russian-European experiments when all its cameras shut off suddenly and the "total loss of the craft" was officially noted.

One of the last images relayed to earth in detail by the Phobos II camera before data transmission was lost was an enormous elliptical shadow on the surface of Mars -- cigar-shaped, and an estimated 25-27 kilometers (approxi- mately 16 miles) in length. The size of this object ruled out the possibility that it was a reflection of the Phobos spacecraft itself. Because of its of its position, its symmetrical shape, its size and its movement, no features on the surface of Mars in the area in front of the probe, nor the satellite moons of Phobos and Deimos, nor the Phobos II spacecraft itself could account for this shadow pattern occurring in the very last frames of data successfully transmitted to earth.

Was the shadow evidence that the spacecraft made contact with a non-human intelligence life form before it permanently disappeared? According to Soviet test pilot Col. Marina Popovitch, no geological features transmitted in the Phobos data tracks could have caused this unique shadow pattern. It was believed by investigators who studied the details of this shadow that appeared just prior to Phobos II's disappearance that it was the shadow of a craft that was not on the surface of Mars but that was hovering or levitating above the planet.

Col. Marina Popovitch further stated in a public interview that the shadow seen in connection with the lost spacecraft was brought up in conversations between President Gorbachev and President Bush in December 1989 at the Malta summit. The Soviet government refused to acknowledge extraterrestrial intelligence, even though many of their top military and commercial pilots have made credible reports of such sightings. For example, at Moscow airport during test flights of an Aeroflot IL-96-300 plane in the spring of 1990, several strange objects in the sky were witnessed and photographed.

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