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The Master of Speech
by By Shannon Dorey
Trafford Publishing 2003

The Master of Speech

The Master of Speech

Have you ever wondered: where did we come from? What makes us different from all the other life forms on this planet? Shannon Dorey in her new book "The Master of Speech" just might have the answers and most people won't like them!

Ms. Dorey has studied the life and works of Marcel Griaule, a French anthropologist, who 50 years ago recorded the oral history and mythology of the Dogon, as told by Ogotemmeli, a member of the tribe. The Dogon are an isolated mountainous region of Bandiagara, south of the Sahara Desert in Mali, West Africa. Mr. Griaule wrote about the Dogon in his book, "Conversations with Ogotemmeli", published in 1947.

The Dogon mythology is disturbing because it claims that we were created by beings that genetically engineered our DNA. In fact, the book states that our DNA was manipulated three times and that three different versions of humans were designed. This was due to failed experiments by out creators. Amphibious aliens from the Sirian star system, that landed on earth with "great noise and wind" on a 3-legged spacecraft. These aliens, named the Nummo, didn't take into consideration the problems of combining their androgynous (both male and female) DNA with the DNA of single sexed animals (us).

According to Ms Dorey on page 25, "the Nummo change the Earth animals who are "naked and speechless" by using the "fibers" or the DNA from the Nummo world. The lack of intelligence on the Earth is identified as "disorder" that the Nummo want to end. By combining their DNA with the Earth animals they order the universe".

On page 26, Ms Dorey writes: "Ogotemmeli referred to the Earth previously as being "naked and speechless" which is how animals are defined. So by connecting with the Nummo, the animals become clothed and they learn to speak."

As stated the Nummo came from the Sirius star system and resembled serpents, lizards, chameleons and fish!

Ms. Dorey adds, "The first important symbol found in OgotemmÍli conversation with Griaule is the symbol of the "word" it self. The "word" is used as a metaphor for DNA of the biologically engineered humans. This is because speech is synonymous with intelligence and the only way the Earth animals are able to speak is when their DNA is combined with the Nummo's DNA. The "word" is a key symbol and is used throughout to describe the three different version of the biologically engineered humans."

On page 5, Ms Dorey writes: "..the religion of the Dogon tribe centered on the Sirius star system and this information about the red-dwarf star had been told to Griaule, and another anthropologist Germaine Dieterlen, sometime between 1931 and 1950. The Dogon had told the anthropologists they had received their knowledge from visitors who came to the earth from another star system."

How can we believe the Dogon mythology? What proof is there that this tale, this story is any truer than that of any other culture or religion? On page 5 Ms. Dorey writes, "What is even more important is that the Dogon mythology evolved from an oral culture. The ancient stories told by Ogotemmeli had been passed on from generation to generation throughout the ages".

Read "The Master of Speech" and discover how the Nummo story is woven into the creation myths of all the worlds major religions! Learn the truth about immortality and reincarnation.

In what may prove to be one of life's largest understatements, Ms. Dorey writes, "It (the Dogon mythology) provides us with the sought after missing link and answers to questions that have plagued humanity since the beginning of time.

If you are interested in purchasing "The Master of Speech", please click here.

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