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Green Lights Photographed Over Montauk!

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Map of Montafuk, New YorkKeith Olwell and his wife Elizabeth Kiehner shot a series of photos when they were visiting Montauk, New York for relaxation.

Montauk is famous or infamous for Camp Hero Air Force Base where the Montauk Project had been undertaken. Mainstream newspapers in Montauk and East Hampton have carried several articles about various aspects of the Montauk Project. There apparently is a preponderance of evidence supporting allegations of highly irregular, horrific activities at Montauk Air Force Station. This is an incredible allegation considering Montauk is only 100 miles from New York City!

The couple wrote, ""We're budding photographers mainly taking shots of cities and towns at night. We had just begun our walk and were taking the shot of the motel mainly to set up the camera to ballpark for the lighting of the town. It's very dark out there, and most of the buildings are lit with floods. After a couple of shots of the motel, we were satisfied with the settings and moved on. We didn't notice the lights until the next day when we were going over the shots. We almost didn't even look at the motel shots, but did just for curiosity. As I mentioned, we shoot almost exclusively in doors, or at night. We're use to extreme lighting situations, and have never seen artifacting like this."

When the couple examined the photographs they discovered that they had captured what appeared to be green lights above their motel over the ocean. These lights were not visible when the photos were originally shot.

Curious as to what they had photographed they contacted and I have examined several of the photographs using Adobe Photoshop's filters and the resulting photos are pictured below. It is my opinion that Keith and Elizabeth definately photograph solid objects in the sky. We invite to examine the photos and draw your own conclusions. If you have an opinion on the photos and would like to contact Keith and Elizabeth you can send an email to:

To see more of their photos visit their website

Original Photo

Original Photo

Contrast and Brightness

Contrast and Brightness


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