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Flotilla of Triangle UFOs Seen Over Warsaw
by Piotr Cielebiaś

[Written on the Valentines thus dedicated to Ela Grudzinska]
Posted: 11:24 February 14, 2007

The arrow points the place of sighting - Elsner Street

"I used to travel a lot. I have never encountered such a thing before despite of falling stars. Even pyramids seemed to be only monuments of history for me" - said Mrs. Jolanta Z. [53] from Warsawian district of Sluzec. "I used to stay away from such subjects. I was better accustomed with economy. And suddenly something like it happened to me but to be honest - I'm not able to comprehend anything from it. The thing I saw was taken from the world of fantasy."

According to relation of the witness on 20th January 2007 between 1 and 2 am. about 17 unidentified triangular objects appeared in the sky above Polish capital city district of Sluzec. As Mrs. Jolanta stated, triangular objects scattered in the sky remained in her view for over an hour, slowly rising up and finally disappearing.

The mysterious incident started at about 1 pm. when the woman living at 2nd store of a block located in Sluzec district. At about 1:15 am. Mrs. Jolanta Z., woke up to smoke a cigarette. At one moment her attention was drawn by a light visible in the sky. The woman who is accustomed with view of landing planes after a while noticed strange behavior of the object that seemed to be suspended in the sky.

"19th day of January 2007 was a common day for me" - she said. "About midnight I was going to go to the bed. I often go to sleep very late at night. I was lying in my bed looking at the window and suddenly I perceived some light. I said to myself: 'Oh - surely some blind pilot turned on a powerful reflector'. I got up and approached the window trying to inspect it. The light was positioned above the green block. Then I went on the balcony in order to regard it better and I saw the triangle".

"I got goosebumps while observing it. But I thought: 'oops - it's just a illusion'. The triangle possessed three red light. At first I thought that it was a crane or a some neon light, but I realized that I haven't seen a specimen like that before. I turned my sight and saw another one [triangle] and after a while there was a whole flotilla of them. Lights in the sky seemed to be as big as a nail of a thumb but the first one was enormous indeed. I decided to call my friends but they didn't want to get up since the whole incident took place late at night. They scolded me that I woke them up!"

The woman claims that at first she was able to see 17 or 18 identical objects in shape of isosceles triangles scattered in the sky [with their "beaks" pointing eastward]. One of them [located in the southern part of the sky] was noticeably bigger [the witness estimated that it was in dimension of 3 smaller objects]. Each of the triangles possessed 3 red lights located in the corners, with a line of bluish point lights connecting the red ones.

"They were as if suspended in the air. They seemed to be in formation. It seemed to me that one must see another one" - she said.

When the woman realized that she is witnessing a probable UFO manifestation she decided to call NPN organization hotline, leaving two voice messages containing the story of the sighing. After some time she also decided to notify her neighbors and friends calling some of them but most refused to get up rejecting her proposal and didn't pay attention for the woman's revelations. "It was an unusual phenomenon but I wasn't afraid of it" - she said.

The woman also mentioned strange behavior of her cats and dog. When she went on the balcony along with her animals they became scared - her dog began howling. At the moment of sighting the weather conditions were good, with rare clouds visible in the sky. The whole formation remained suspended in the sky without noticeable move.

After of the primary report Mrs. Alicja Zietek from Mazovian branch of NPN UFO Organization decided to visit the main witness in her flat. Unfortunately, any initial efforts in gathering further information (either from other potential witnesses or official sources) that would allow to verify the sighting of Jolanta Z. failed and at the moment [mid February] the research is still ongoing.

During her talk with Mrs. Jolanta, Mr. Alicja Zietek found the witness' relation very convincing. The woman who is living alone along with her two cats and a dog, related again a story that made such an impression on her. As she explained, due to lack of film in her camera she wasn't able to took a photo of the event.

"The thing I saw was amazing! It was something beautiful, resembling kites. It could be still seen in the sky in a time I called NPN" - she told. "Now I'm a bit afraid of talking about it to anyone since people can think that I'm a nut. I wasn't able to sleep after it. I continuously dream about it" - said Mrs. Jolanta still impressed with the sight from 20th January. Mrs. Zietek decided also to take a photo of the area of sighting. As it turned out, she also managed to capture by chance some greenish-blue lights of unknown origin in the sky over Warsaw creating a triangular formation.

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