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A Very Strange Haunting Story
With a Sting in the Tale

by T Stokes

Posted: 14:30 February 27, 2007

A Very Strange Haunting Story With a Sting in the Tale
Some 30 years ago a well spoken young man phoned one evening and asked for an immediate appointment with the exorcist, and I said " better come now" And the strangest tale spilled out from this young man as I ever heard, I had better start at the beginning.

This young man duly arrived with a written introduction from Britain's top exorcist, The Rev. Christopher Neil-Smith, this young man gave his address as among the top class large Essex country residences, and told me of a house in South London that needed an emergency Grade one spirit clearance.

Now these may come up once in a career, and I agreed to take the next day off work to go look with him.

When you are sworn to secrecy, as I was, this can mean several things, firstly they want you insulated from both others knowledge and general gossip, to increase their grip on you as "their" information receptacle, and do not want you discussing this with deliverance colleagues, because of what you may discover, good or bad, or that there are things to hide.

So agreeing to keep this among ourselves, went into the house. A bunch of students had rented the house, and I sat with them for a communal meal, and to hear all their stories.

This was a typical case I thought of youngsters in close proximity feeding of each others hysteria, because I heard unbelievable stories of apports, a large crystal thing appearing after one of them dreamt of being abducted by a spaceman, large black shapes drifting through the house, and some of the reported phenomena was so similar to that of a recent horror film that I asked if anyone had seen the film "The Amityville horror"?

Blank stares greeted me and I asked why the Rev Christopher Neil-Smith, had asked for a second opinion and my inclusion?

I could not get a satisfactory explanation, now you may get in a haunting two or three aspects of occult phenomena, but this had eight, this should always ring alarm bells for credibility.

But I agreed to then look over the house.

Students from that time period in particular experimented with drugs, drink, séances dancing, but particularly magic mushrooms home made L.S.D type concoctions, whirling to exhaustion and other mind bending experiences, in order to open the doors hopefully to spiritual nirvana, and I suspected they had maybe dredged up something from the lower astral.

Over the dining table we ate a welcome meal and they all regaled me with their horror stories, a lovely young thing with an exquisite face opposite me kept touching me under the table with her bare foot somewhere unmentionable, and I felt my face go red with delight and embarrassment, however, over head was a large pentacle in silver paper on the ceiling with a dim light bulb in the centre, curtains were never opened even in daylight. Outline shapes drawn on the walls where the claimed apparitions were seen, gave a mystical effect with the stairs painted purple with dim orangey light bulbs, And we all gathered into one room upstairs where they claim most manifestations occurred, I could smell the smoke from hallucinatory drugs, this room was completely done out in silver paper, walls ceilings and floorboards, it gave off a most peculiar atmosphere.

I was urged to help them as soon a possible, in fact pleaded with to hold an exorcism. Then I noticed an astonishingly attractive girl in her late twenties, with the biggest smile and lowest top I had ever seen, I was being swept away on a current of conflicting emotions and I could not think straight. I wanted to just get away from the heady atmosphere and think it all through.

Under pressure I agreed to come back next day with my equipment.

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