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Peter Farley is an Australian-born journalist, metaphysical researcher, and spiritual healer. Peter Farley is an Australian-born journalist, metaphysical researcher, and spiritual healer, He is the author of the controversial book series, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? - The True History of the Darkness and of the Light. All six volumes of which are now available... With the last three volumes available soon. These books are the first to fully map out the history of alien interaction with the Earth, past, present, and into the near future. Extending the work of noted researchers such as Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, the book series goal is to show its readers the extensive repercussions this interaction has had on life on this planet, especially its formative role in the global conspiracy known as the New World Order.

Reptilians 101
by Peter Farley

Posted: 14:00 February 15, 2007

Does this picture depict a creation reptilan?
Jim Jones, the charismatic leader responsible for the Jonestown, Guyana, massacre, was closely connected to the CIA throughout his life and was a 'test strip' for some of the implant and mind-control techniques created or imported into the central R & D facility under Colorado's San Luis valley. (See A&E's Investigative Reports on Jim Jones for his CIA connections). Jones himself was a high-level Ciakar (winged reptilian) from the Orion home of these creatures. He was courted by both state and federal government leaders for his abilities, and actually served in a number of different positions for various civic leaders. He was described by some who knew him as having totally black eyes behind the dark sunglasses he wore both indoors and out.

Guidance has never let me say publicly until now that the wrap- around dark sunglasses are a favorite of the reptilians here on earth since their eyesight is sensitive to the UV rays of our sunlight. Yes, when you look at so many famous people there are the almost ubiquitous dark wrap-around sunglasses, worn both day AND night, indoors or out. It is understandable that others do wear these type sunglasses as well but it is amazing how many `people' wearing these type of sunglasses have the morphogenetic energy fields of a reptilian.

Barbara Clow says in one of her books that with politicians of the dark side it is blue suits and red ties, and look at how red ties have become almost ubiquitous around Washington, DC, as well.

Much of the Sirian Star System Empire is of the reptilian form, just as many people suspect the Anunnaki who set up base in ancient Sumeria were also of a reptilian form. Hence the preponderance of legends in almost every culture relating to reptilians or `dragons'. Others in the Sirian Star System are actually of human origin, a history of who, hopefully someone will write one day very soon. The Ciakar, the winged reptilians of the Orion Empire were the original ancient ones who made up the Brotherhood of the Serpent—coming to this planet sometime around 100,000 years ago, forming the basis for these legends, particularly the ones surrounding the winged dragon.

The fetus of a human being has a reptilian-like tail at about age 4 ½ months. In fact some of us are actually still born with tails. Scientists also like to call the primitive core of our brains -- the reptilian brain. Does it make sense then that we are supposedly descended from apes, and does this not show you the lengths to which our prison wardens have gone to in order to cover up every trace of their involvement with our history?

Every aspect of the dragon's life is represented in stories, songs and dances from around the world. The stages of its seasonal growth are celebrated all over the world in rites and festivals which reach their climax at the beginning of winter in the processions that mark the ceremonial dragon's death.

Barbara Clow also explains some of this Anunnaki Nibiruan connection with fertility rites, as well as the birthing process which connects mankind and reptilian:

"On Nibiru for thousands of years, gestation was accomplished with fertile eggs that we put in receptacles—Holy Grails—after gathering them during sacred sexual ceremonies in our temples on Earth. To us each goddess is an individual receptacle for birthing, and each fertilized egg that we gather is precious to us. Your women are fertile and sex is wonderful with them. We have used you in such a powerful way without your total agreement that deep inside you believe you do not control your own fertility, your most basic right. You do not take responsibility for your birthing" (hence the abortion debate here on Earth).

While male Anunnaki were able to produce `offspring' with female human beings, the female Anunnaki, however, still produced eggs with their male human lovers. Thus again the importance placed on the female side of the bloodline, it being still the `true' way of birthing on the reptilians' home planet.

Indeed the archetype of the sexual abuse by the gods is one of the strongest archetypes we still carry from the ancient days of first contact. The violence against women today shows this. It stems not only from the archetype of our Cosmic Parents, but also from those who have used us down throughout the centuries, man and woman alike, for sexual experimentation and simply as instruments of their own pleasure. As Barbara Clow relates here: ". . . There is much energy that needs to be cleared about sexual abuse on Earth, and no one will really be free until this is done . . . but abuse is all the same. It occurs when we cease to control ourselves and become blinded to everyone else. If we are "nice" people in this life, then that uncontrolled aspect of our past lives is the part we keep the most deeply hidden. However, this repository of guilt also keeps us separate from others. By not being able to love all that we have ever been, we can't be who we are now, in the present."

Control has been the nature of this planet since its very inception. The dark forces from Kochab, Orion and Sirius were not the only ones who knew of its advantageous energies and the stargates such as the Egyptian pyramids now utilize, stargates through which they could travel from here to so many other areas of Creation.

"And as they returned it got to the point where all the male [reptilian] gods wanted to mate with Earth priestesses because they had found out about the power of sexual desire . . . Hundreds of gods came to Earth in small spaceships and mated with priestesses in the temples . . . But then the gods started mating with animals. The Nibiruans did not see much of a difference between animals and women in terms of the physical effects experienced during intercourse."

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