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Unknown Objects Continue To Be Seen
Over Lake Erie

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 19:20 February 19, 2007

Unknown Objects Continue Over Lake Erie

Todd Martin
Todd Martin
Received this sighting from Todd Martin who managed to catch this photograph of an unknown object on February 16, 2007. Todd was out taking a series of photographs of the skies over Lake Erie. He said, "Something told him to go out to the lake and take pictures".

Unknown Objects Continue Over Lake Erie
Unknown object Photo enhanced using variation tool from Adobe Photoshop.
Unknown Objects Continue Over Lake Erie
Unknown object Photo enhanced using auto-contrast tool from Adobe Photoshop.
Unknown Objects Continue Over Lake Erie
Unknown object Photo enhanced using brightness and contrast tool from Adobe Photoshop.
Todd noticed three objects in the above photo: a plane possiblly to the left, another unknown in the middle and a mystery object to the extreme right.

He took a total of eight photos and the one above is number seven of the series.

This photo was shot at Wickliffe, Ohio, United States. Todd was using a Fujifilm Fineplex 2800 Zoom 2 megapicels webcam. He did not see anything strange in the skies when he shot this footage.

He was in a park and somewhat surprised that no one else was around. The night was very cold and windy.

Unknown Ojbects Continue To Be Photographed Over Lake Erie For the Past Few Months

Todd states that he can, "distinguish three objects in pic, one to left looks like airplane because of outline of wing, one in upper center zoom in tell me what you think, far right zoom in tell me what you think, By the way I have 8 consecutive pics I took this day in same location within four feet, this is the only one with what I would call an UFO (UFOs and airplane)".

He is 28 years old will be 29 in April, 2007. He is a college student currently not working. He is interested in UFOs because he have seen them before.

If you would like to discuss this sighting with Todd you can email him at

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