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Cristian Negureanu
Dr. Cristian Negureanu
Dr. Cristian Negureanu is a well known author and has published books since 1989! His work is well documented, very serious and he offers the readers innovating works of a great interest today. In 1990 he started to publish various articles and these are his most recent: Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003. The Gospel According to Darwin, (176 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003. Silence of the Idols, (208 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004. On the Doorsteps of the Kingdom, (176 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004. The Apocalypse of Psychiatry, (200 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004. "Images from the Station/Planet Eris/Nibiru" (a synthesis of the Sumerian writings, the Bible and the Book of Enoh) is to be published at the Antet Publishing House (

Enoch and the Planet Eris/Nibiru
Part II
by Cristian Negureanu

Posted: 15:00 February 23, 2008

In his book "The Twelfth Planet", Zecharia Sitchin explains how the monkey-people have been created by the Anunnaki, a process conducted by Enki/ Azazel and Ninhursag.

The Bible describes how the Elohim has cloned the Anunnaki-people.

Details about the Two Types of Geneses situated at a long distance in time, in the article: The genesis of the monkey people and the genesis of the Anunnaki people ( and in the book "Planet Eris and the Global Warming" - can be found at Amazon and all major bookstores or at publisher's website at

Photo 1 - Planet Eris

These chapters from the book of Enoch refer to the connections between the Anunnaki and the human girls following which the giants used for the building of numerous megalithic constructions appeared on Earth, as a result of genetic engineering techniques.

There are also presented the teachings that the Anunnaki under the command of Enki/ Azazel have given to the people on Earth, their vast majority being extremely dangerous and perpetuating their effects to this day. In this way life on Earth has been jeopardized, the giants - azazel-like monkeys - killing the people created "in the image and likeness of the Elohim/ Anunnaki".

A new proof that the religious leaders have mangled the Bible is the existence of a small fragment referring to these relations in the Genesis:

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