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UFO Digest Editor Replies to Updates and Comments
Regarding Purported "UN UFO Meeting"

by Robert D. Morningstar
With a Commentary by Vince White

Posted: 02:30 February 25, 2008

As our reader know, on February 13, 2008, UFO Digest published an article by Dr. Michael Salla, Phd. revealing a secret UN UFO meeting that had purportedly taken place on Monday, February 11.

Notice of the UN UFO Meeting and background information was given to us by Shawn and Clay Pickering, members of the NYC Disclosure Project.

Information regarding the UN UFO meeting was "leaked" prior to the UN session to the Pickering Brothers by a diplomat who attended (and chaired) the meeting in order to gauge public reaction and to determine whether or not the world public is ready for "Disclosure," even partial disclosure. Since that time, Dr. Michael Salla reports confirmation from a second source who was present at the meeting.

General Public reaction was varied and principally marked by curiosity. Ironically, the most vociferous and vitriolic reactions came from UFO experts, researchers and investigators in who demonstrated the deepest skepticism, while employing the same tactics of ridicule, sarcasm and personal attacks most often employed by "skepti-bunkers" and directed at the sources of the information (Dr. Salla and the Pickering Brothers).

One of the few "level-headed"reactions came from Vince White (a UFO Digest contributor) who replied to the skeptics eloquently and directly addressing points of contention..

On the night of Monday, February 18th, 2008, I was invited by Shawn and Clay Pickering to meet with them and their contact. At that meeting, I was personally introduced to their source, the diplomat who had chaired the meeting at the UN one week before.

Below, I present Vince White's reply to the critics who excoriated the announcement on UFO Updates and followed by my reply to Mr. White in support of Shawn, Clay and their source, who for obvious reason must remain anonymous.

Robert Morningstar
Editor, UFO Digest

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