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By Vincent R. White

(Copyright 2009, Vince R. White - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 14:30 February 1, 2009


A case made for a hidden space program and space fleet.

Six decades of suppressed science and technology have yielded a harvest of awesome proportion, from retrieved ET craft, exchange programs, and human talent, A review of evidence of an enormous breakthrough in gravity knowledge and control.

Here a case is made that the public NASA is in a large part beyond it's public missions, a magician's prop, a "Watch The Birdie" distraction, while all the time a new, radical paradigm of physics has been developed and kept in the black, but which will one day lead to the use of current physics text for landfill.

--- Vincent R. White

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, people stumble over great truths every day, but they pick themselves up, and hurry on as if nothing had ever happened. This, it will be argued is precisely what has happened to the case for operational field propulsion-another name for gravity control.

What has been stumbled over is an immense and still expanding rich variety of sources, of one of the biggest secrets around. Worse still , after stumbling over the evidence for a great breakthrough, most deny anything important took place, especially if it isn't officially acknowledged reality.

The mental roadblocks are many. Some say, we would know about this in a week, or it would leak all over. That this technology would be used, and be employed against terrorists, and the airline industry would be flying these "Jetson" like sleek "G" ships instead of kerosene burners, that every day darken the brown fog now growing around the planets skies.

These heterodox constellations of a variety of sources that we will present, do paint a very different picture that indicates that such simplistic thinking does not describe our reality.

While surveying a spectrum of sources, we will ask what "Donny" Rumsfeld, the new Secretary of Defense was trying to say a day before 9-11 when he, in rather jocular fashion, mentioned almost in passing that the DOD seemed to have misplaced several trillion dollars.

What was he trying to say?

How much would a black budget R&D gravity program cost?
How much if it required a new paradigm of physics?
How much if the price tag included a secret space fleet, and a remote hidden space port, and an immense bodyguard of lies to keep this from the world---and from the scrutiny of the taxpayers who paid for this?

Who says it hasn't leaked all over?

And what meaning is there to such leaks when minds are so made up, that leaks are trashed faster than the leaks take place? And how do you know what vehicles special operations use in Afghanistan and elsewhere?

Can you say we are not using such vehicles in carefully camouflaged manner? For this truth search does take in an atmosphere that is thick with the half truths and lies of professional disinformation peddlers.

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