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The New World Order and Nanotechnology
by Glenn Gould

Posted: 12:05 February 8, 2009

Looking into the future is difficult and projections are frequently wrong, being based as they usually are on the status quo. But sometimes, a view of the way things are can help with a kind of simulated clairvoyant foresight. Little argument exists against the empirical view that things are in bad shape today – the economy is on everyone’s mind, the environment is a concern for many, and our future on earth seems troubled, if not actually threatened at times. One of the annoying things I notice about our situation today is our propensity to believe we can solve the problems we have today thinking in the same manner as we thought when we created these problems. Of course this is a blatant restatement of an Einsteinian principal, nonetheless appropriate.

Diane Rehm
The recommendations regarding the economic situation and the possible solutions to this generational mess are pitiful. On a recent The Diane Rehm Show three analysts were interviewed. The listening audience was more intellectually aware than these gentlemen seemed to be about where the real problems with our system originate. And the gentleman (whose microphone was repeatedly turned down) was making the most sense of the group. What stood was the consistent and pervasive effort to repair these problems thinking and modeling at the same level as those who originally created the problems thought and modeled. There is no paradigm of real fundamental change.

The message was essentially that the economy is in full cardiac arrest and more corporate tax cuts were urgently needed.

One of the participants, Mr. James K. Galbraith, said, “To deal with the crisis that we are in we are going to have to face the need for major reforms, and we are going to have to depart from the formulas that have been powering policy for the last 25 or 30 years which are very substantially responsible for the kind of problems we have gotten into.”

Nadine, a listener, wrote in on email, “Please explain why congress could pass emergency TARP funds with little discussion, no accountability from recipients, much of which has now apparently vanished into thin air, without any tangible results, while they are so strongly balking at an emergency package that would provide clear – if not perfect – support for projects that do yield durable physical results to our nation and our communities. Moreover, please explain how we Americans continue to fail to muster serious outrage at the TARP fiasco, allowing our past elected officials completely off the hook for their disastrous handling of that situation.”

Perhaps we should find people like Nadine who we can appoint to positions that might have some idea how to respond to this crisis.

Clearly, the road ahead is one through unfamiliar territory, at least for those of us who have grown up in the world dominated by the United States and its aggressive spread of capitalism and “democracy”. But using the tools we have used in the past to make these repairs is like a ‘hammer mechanic’ who tries to fix everything with the only tool in the toolbox – a hammer.

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Looking into the future trying to find a system that resembles our current dysfunctional endeavor may be hopelessly futile. There is a distinct possibility that unless we modify our entire view of the purpose of our lives, we will not make it to any future at all.

We are on the brink of the next most significant scientific age – the nanotechnology revolution. Imagine a world that is no longer dominated by the persistent search for supplies and energy. Energy derived from the quantum scale, as pervasive and apparently as clean as the force of gravity itself, will be providing power for our needs. Factories and the control of capital forces will be obsolete. Nanobots will be creating whatever article is required for us from the periodic table, on demand and from the waste products of a previous age. Our water and air will be pure, rejuvenated by these same nano-processes that have recycled all the materials that previously fouled our planet. Product life cycles will essentially become almost organic – a virtual homeostasis will ensure that articles never wear out. And when we discard these items from boredom, the constituent elements will be cleverly recycled or used in something else, rather than piling up in toxic landfills. Since there will be no need of a medium of exchange, the need for currency and the propensity to hoard money will vanish from the human consciousness. Wealth and its attendant conspicuous consumption will vanish. We will no longer be referred to as “consumers” for there will be no more “suppliers” to profit from our devouring habits. We will no longer need to own property to pass on to our descendants, since there will be no need to accumulate wealth to survive. Health issues, and problems with genetic deformities will also benefit from this nanoutopian environment – most diseases and congenital problems will have passed from existence. We humans will have nothing to do but to pursue our real purpose in life.

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