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Regan Lee is author of the UFO blog The OrangeOrb, and has a monthly column in UFO Magazine by the same name. She is also a contributer to the Binnall of America website, writing her 'Trickster's Realm' column. Drawing on her life long relationship with UFOs and the paranormal, Regan writes about UFOs and Forteana in Oregon , her home for many decades, and is also a UFO witness and experiencer herself. Regan is also an aritst, and author of Two Oregon Tales: UFOs and Bigfoot, soon to be available as an e-book. Email Regan Lee at

"Alien" "Abductions
by Regan Lee

Posted: 20:19 March 25, 2007

The use of the term alien abductions is often a bit of a problem for some researchers, including myself. After all, we don't know if they are alien. And they're not being abducted, since frequently the experiences seem to take place on some astral-psychic level. The body remains in bed, or wherever, the spirit and mind however go someplace else. In typical Trickster fashion, the opposite often occurs; the body does disappear. It disappears in cases of missing time, in cases of individuals not being where they should be.

It's impossible to get a grasp on any of this. No proof that will solve the enigma once and for all, and yet the experiences are vividly felt and experienced, contain similarities as well as contradictions (typical in Fortean and paranormal phenomena) and encountered by all kinds of people all over the globe, cultural framing considered. Anecdotal evidence abounds.

But the beings, or entities, or whatever they are, are alien. They may or may not be from outer space, they could be fairies, inner earth dwellers -- they may even be from inside our heads -- but it's a moot point, since the experiences are foreign to our "reality." They don't fit into anything explainable; they're unexpected and often scary. Then again, sometimes they're uplifting and life changing in a positive way. Regardless, they're weird, and so both the beings we see during these experiences, and the experience itself, can be called "alien." They are alien to what we expect in a normal, mundane, everyday reality. They are alien to common sense. They're alien to our world view (most of us) and alien to sanity. They're alien to all that is rational. We don't want them, but there they are.

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