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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSam Willey is a young UFOlogist who wants to show that people of all ages can share a serious interest in UFOs. His research began in 2003 when he and two friends witnessed a Triangular shaped UFO. After two years of research Sam created a website known as Sam's UFO Files. He expanded the site back in late 2005 and it became Sam is also an active contributor to UFO Magazine, and UFODIGEST were he writes columns and voices his opinions on UFO's. You can also find Sam over at the forum were he is a regular contributor and staff member. Contact Sam willey by email.

Two Orange Lights Sighted over Durham, England - March 15th 2007
by Sam Willey

Posted: 12:30 March 18, 2007

On March 15th 2007 at approximately 7:45 p.m. I opened my bedroom window to take a look at the sky conditions, since I was planning a sky watch for that night.

Some parts of the sky were clear and other parts overcast with cloud. As a looked towards a public footpath which is located just beyond a wall at the bottom of my garden and is heavily populated with trees I could see a quite bright orange light in the distance towards the south west. My view at this point was limited because of the many trees in the way, at first I thought it was a plane on approach as sometimes planes do approach and come over my home from that part of the sky however I decided to continue to monitor the object because I did find it a little bit odd for a plane to have an orange light as its not a colour normally associated with aircraft. As the light began to get closer I then noticed that the craft actually had two orange lights not one as I had initially thought. The craft had no flashing lights of any kind and at this stage I was certain something was not quite right so I quickly went into another room of the house and collected my video camera and binoculars.

When I returned to the window the lights were still hard to see clearly because of the trees, I began to try and get the lights in the viewfinder of the camera and eventually did and began to record. As the lights came closer they cleared the trees meaning I now had a clear view of the lights as there was no cloud covering that particular area of the sky (as you will see on the video). At this point I was able to fully confirm the fact that there were absolutely no flashing lights anywhere and that this craft definitely only had the two visible orange steady lights. I was able to confirm this by looking with my own eyes, through the video cameras viewer and using the binoculars. After around 20 seconds or so another set of trees right in front of my bedroom window obscured my view yet again I waited and the lights finally appeared at the other side of the trees.

I still had my video camera on record but because of heavy cloud cover to the north east I could not see the lights on my video cameras view finder so I gave up with the camera and decided to observe the lights through my binoculars. I had a clear view of the lights until they disappeared into the distance and can confirm that during no time of the observation were any flashing lights or strobes visible. I feel I have seen a genuine unknown and the fact that there was absolutely no sound coming from the craft really confirms that.

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