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Peter Farley is an Australian-born journalist, metaphysical researcher, and spiritual healer. Peter Farley is an Australian-born journalist, metaphysical researcher, and spiritual healer, He is the author of the controversial book series, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? - The True History of the Darkness and of the Light. All six volumes of which are now available... With the last three volumes available soon. These books are the first to fully map out the history of alien interaction with the Earth, past, present, and into the near future. Extending the work of noted researchers such as Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, the book series goal is to show its readers the extensive repercussions this interaction has had on life on this planet, especially its formative role in the global conspiracy known as the New World Order.

Reptilians 101 –Part 2
Reptilians and the War at Hand

by Peter Farley

Posted: 02:00 March 10, 2007

A contestant on American Adol
There is no better example of how life must be lived and wars must be fought than what we got from American Idol last night (Wednesday). The one girl who did so well said she watched all the past shows and literally ‘did her homework’ on what it took and how best it could be done.

The problem with most people is they are too lazy or complacent to see the world, this old paradigm, for what it is—literally ‘to do their homework.’ Guidance has had me teach every level of school up though University during my training sessions and one of the lessons learned there was that those who were prepared to put in the time and do the work were the ones who got somewhere.

It is, as John Edwards would agree, a matter of working with your abilities in order to be able to ‘see’ the morphogenetic energy shapes of the reptilians amongst us, or any other type of being for that matter. BUT, always remember, there are ‘good’ reptilians as well as those who follow the negative agenda here on Earth just as there are ‘good’ and bad’ of any race, even the angelic realms and ascended masters. This was made very clear in the original mini-series of ‘V’ where there was an underground movement even among the reptilians taking over the planet.

And just how many reptilians are there here on Earth at the current time? Take a look at the statistics just for the United States and then extrapolate that: (see for full listing)

“I asked the Spiritual Hierarchy to break down a sample population for me into its most predominant members. Considering the population of the USA to be approximately 300 million, the following figures give an approximate makeup of that population by the main 'alien' groups on the planet, as supplied by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

“As stated before in other articles and on radio interviews, the percentage of humans to other types of Beings is approximately 28 percent human to 72 percent other. In the USA it is slightly higher

Human .................................. 89.30 million
Sirians ......reptilian form............ 52.60 million
Sirians......human form................ 6.00 million
Annunaki....human/reptilian form........ 6.00 million

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