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Da Vinci Code and Operation Templeman
by T Stokes

Posted: 11:40 March 25, 2007

Da Vinci Code and Operation Templeman
Sister Margaret Ann Pahl

The bizarre, ritualistic slaying of a nun, sister Margaret Ann Pahl, 26 years ago in a chapel in Toledo, Ohio U.S.A. has resulted in 68 year old priest Rev. Gerald Robinson being charged with her death.

The two worked closely together and the nun's body was found with 31 stab wounds inflicted apparently by being stabbled repeatedly with an inverted cross. The body and then covered with an alter cloth.

The priest in the past had been convicted of sex crimes.

The Catholic Church is not happy about the Da Vinci Code book's exposure of sensitive hidden information weaved and exploited by poetic licence within the pages of the book. Those who say The Da Vinci Code is too far fetched ignore those who believe the doctrine of the virgin birth, Christ being born in a stable, three persons in one god, the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven, the pope cannot err in what he teaches, the Christian miracles and the classic, "Jesus died on the cross, and all for our sins" story?

"Operation Templeman" is the real Catholic scandal, this is the secret church investigation into the sexual behaviour of its priests, and of the church cover-ups at the highest levels.

The British far left newspaper the "Guardian" in a recent edition had an article by Mark Honigsbaum, which said the Council of Elvira in A.D.309 drew attention to priests sodomising children, and gave a list of punishments according to rank.

But the clearest evidence of early abuse is possibly the eleventh century tract written by St. Peter Damian who says that priests who abuse little children are the worst type of offenders, and should be punished - not just moved to another parish to offend again.

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