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The Trent Tempest
by Regan Lee

The Trent Tempest
Trent UFO is really a photo of an UFO taken in Germany in 1977!

Recently, a flurry of activity was swirling around a supposed "lost" photograph of the 1950 Trent farm UFO. (In 1950, farmer Paul Trent took two photographs of a UFO on his property in McMinnville, Oregon.)

Since then, every so often, debates flare up surrounding the photos. Do the photos show a hubcap flung up in the air, and were the Trents full of it? Or did Paul Trent photograph something truly unknown? Skeptics (namely the late Phillip Klass) of course prove the photos were not of a true UFO while others determined the photos showed a genuine UFO; Dr. Bruce Macabee among those who believed the photos to be not faked. According to the Trents, they were visited and sort of psychologically roughed up by government agents, and the Trents have always seemed sincere and straightforward in telling their story.

But in recent days, thanks to a blog that writes consistently against UFOs and all things UFO-ish (often in ponderous pedantic outmoded verbiage) they wrote about a third, “lost” Trent photo that was on the roll of film Trent used that day. This photo came to them by way of someone named SMC out of Arizona. The blog's comment section was full of opinions about this. Questions were raised, such as: who is this SMC person, why now, photo analysis, etc. (See my previous article: A Lost Trent Farm Photo Surfaces?

I was sent an e-mail by the writers of this blog:


Please take a look at the analysis of the so-called lost Trent photo by Denver Page (not an RRRGroup member) at the blog --

It's interesting we think.

And yes, there is more to come.

Peter (for Rich Reynolds)
The UFO Iconoclast(s)

It seems it was all a tempest in a teapot. For it's been revealed that the photo reputing to be a third, "lost" Trent photo is nothing of the kind, but a photo taken in Germany in 1977:

March 3, 1977 Walter Schilling took this photograph in Hamburg, Germany. The object possessed a strange rotating effect with a glowing fluorescent mast. The UFO was close enough to the ground to create a 30 foot shadow.ť (source: UFO Casebook)

That bit of news was posted on the same blog.

My initial, intuitive response to the first blog post that this was a previously unknown Trent photo was that the thing was a hoax. Either from the person who sent the photo to the blog (and why them? they are of the chronic skeptic school) or that the entire thing was a hoax, set up by the bloggers.

I admit I'm a bit more paranoid -- though I prefer the word cautious-- when it comes to things like this. But it doesn't matter, as I wrote in the previous piece here on UFO Digest, hoaxing of all degrees is an inherent part of UFOlogy and Forteana. You can't have one without the other.

And this all has shown everyone the need to consider the source when pursuing UFO stories.

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