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Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt BAHons., PGDipCG., MPhil., PhD Tutors in adult non-credit bearing courses in Psychical Research/Consciousness Studies at Strathclyde University and Paisley University, Glasgow. Jackie is a published author of Seances with God:God Through the Ages-and her academic studies of MPhil and PhD -include Shamanic, Out of Body and Near Death Experiences and Mediumship. Jackie has also had many profound psychic experiences herself and writes articles for many different publications and has appeared on a number of television programmes on the subject. Visit Jackie's website: or email her at

Giggling Ghost Children
in Paisley Attic?
by Jacqueline Jones-Hunt, Ph.D.

Posted: 19:50 March 20, 2008

Were Orbs like these present at The Scottish Spiritual and Holistic Centre?
In my role as a psychical researcher I was invited to The Scottish Spiritual and Holistic Centre in Paisley by the owner named Magenta to see the rooms where some unexplained phenomena had been reported. I came to know Magenta as she was at my Strathclyde and Paisley University Psychical Research adult leisure courses. Magenta had an insight into my interests as she had read a copy of my book Seances with God, exploring the paranormal and she asked me to see what I personally experienced and thought on my first visit to the premises. I arrived about nine thirty at night immediately after one of my Psychical research Classes. I certainly felt very cold and claustrophobic when Magenta took me to the rooms where the first phenomena had been reported. I advised Magenta to use her cameras and recording equipment to see what could be visually and audibly recorded. This was put on hold due to us both being extremely busy at the time.

A few months later Magenta told me that security men had erected night vision cameras in the various rooms of the centre as there had been a break in. To test the cameras the security men asked if someone would go inside the darkened rooms at the back, one at a time, so that they could see if the cameras were detecting her presence and recording the image on the screen in the main hall. Magenta who gives psychic demonstrations at the centre volunteered.

Magenta went alone into the first room at the rear of the building and closed the doors in the darkened room. The security camera men stood in the main hall to view the screen to check that the camera was filming that room well.

As the security men who were watching the screen test seemed to have strange expressions on their faces, Dr Sharon Dungavile, the manager of the centre went over to see what they were looking at. Immediately she saw the strange images on the screen she shouted “Oh, God, it’s full of orbs.”

Hearing a commotion Magenta left the dark room to see what all the fuss was about. After hearing of the orbs that filled the screen Magenta who has reported many personal psychic experiences returned to the room as she said; “to attempt to make contact with spirit.”

Coinciding with Magenta’s return Magenta informed me that the security men and manager of the centre each testified to the fact that they saw orbs appear again and increase in number on the screen in the main hall. Magenta went to a second darkened room in the building to test the cameras again and this time to also test for the appearance of orbs. The screen in the main hall again displayed a room full of orbs.

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