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A UFO Digest Book Review
reviewed by Art Champoux

(Copyright 2008, Art Champoux - All Rights Reserved)

by Brad Steiger

Posted: 20:25 March 30, 2006

UFO Odyssey
As I have said many times my odyssey began with my invisible friend when I was about 4-5 years ago. Ever since then my life has been changed forever: with things coming through my windows and noises in my room.

I am still haunted by the memories but I do not let them bother me anymore. But this article is not about me but one of the most brilliant UfO/paranormal writers of this day and age. Like I have said before one of the most enduring and long lasting researchers into these enigmatic happenings in and on and over this globe is Brad Steiger.

His acumen and endless investigations into the world of the paranormal is endless. For over 50 years he has entertained us, fascinated us and brought us into the world of smoke and mirrors and the mysterious place we call earth.

This book called UFO Odysseywas copyrighted in 1999 but within its pages are some of Brad's investigations in the strange world around us. At this period of time, 1999, he has about 27 books he has written: from Aliens to Zoology. Brad continues to just keep researching and writings. His extensive odyssey is a time travel into the enigmatic world among us. No stone is unturned in the search for the phantoms of the past and future.

My encounters and association with most of this freaky mysterious home we call earth has been a ride that has no limits, no starting points, no ending points - just a journey into the recesses of the minds tunnel of depth and perception, which has no beginnings or end. It weaves through the vastness of space and the journey some contend does not stop at death. Brads' book searches all of these and he does it in a way that will enthrall you and you leave in a sense that you want more. Why? Because there is more out there we do not even know about. Such is space and time and the subconscious mind of the earth and our relationship to it.

The Indians knew this and Brad in all of his books hits you right in your brain to open it up and take it in and will challenge your intellect and reasoning. Much like John Keel and Jacques Vallee Brad has a way of drawing you into the book and the things he has discovered by tireless research and dedication. This is book that you will want to treasure.

Every UFO hunter should own this book and any/all of Brads book on the subjects he probes into. I do believe that Brad and Sherry Steiger have written alone or together are a compendium of statistics and findings that will challenge you in your own research into the paranormal events that the earth has had in its mysterious beginnings.

Even now with our vast array of computers and telescopes, some of the enigma that we had 2,000years ago still remains a mystery to us today. Brad and Sherry have done their homework. They have traveled that highway that leads into the unknown and came back on a different route that leads into the twilight zone of the human mind.

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