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Art Champoux has been an UFO investigator since 1964. He has worked with Ray Fowler, Walter Webb, John Keel, a lady that he can not name, and several different UFO groups. In the 1960s he was with APRO, CAPER, NIACP, then when APRO went out he was with NICAP and then APRO, Now he is with MUFON. The world of the paranormal has always fascinated him as even as a small boy he had some eerie happenings. His Great grandmother was a spirit medium so maybe he has inherited something. He is a hypnotist and has written for several publications and his leanings are much like John Keels. He beleives there is an ultra force, not from outer space, but much like John's and even Jaques Vallees' contention...we are but one dimension out of many that reign on this planet.

Can a person actually levitate?
by Art Champoux

edited by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 18:35 April 6, 2007

Well I did not believe it possible until this morning. I was astounded to see it in writing. I dug out an old book Written by my friend, John Keel. The book was titled 'JADOO' and was copyrighted in 1957.

I was thinking about levitation last night. Now John was my mystical letter writer and my passport into the unknown. He was a world traveler. The synopsis on the worn, tattered front cover of the book says:" Here is the truth behind the Indian rope trick, living burials, x-ray vision, two headed snakes and other "super natural phenomena; and here, too, is magic with no logical explanation that will intrigue even the most skeptical man.

So I had to search through the book to find what I wanted. It took a lot of skimming and I came across stories about 2-headed snakes, Bigfoot and the black magic of the orient. Now this man probably has been one of the best UFO researchers of the 20th century. He did not just take UFO reports," He went and investigated them. He was one of the first pioneers in the field of seeing the actual locations of sightings, He separating the wheat from the chaff and found out for himself what the heck was going on.

Everybody knew he went to Point Pleasant because of the Mothman, but he went everywhere! If there was a report on something weird, he went to investigate it! His travels around the world are legendary.

This particular book classifies what John believed to be true and false about the paranormal cases that he investigated. The one about levitation episode changed my mind. If John witnessed it - it had to be true. Even he admitted that this was too much for his mind to comprehend immediately.

Let me quote from his book: Pg 235: "The return trip (down from the mountains) was only a hazy nightmare until I reached the dark bungalow at Singhik, less then twenty miles from Gangtok. While I was resting and suffering there, sitting with my head cradled wearily in my arms thinking of the big steak I intended to polish off in Calcutta, a timid little Lama knocked at my door. "Shree Keel, you have been seeking me?" He said in perfect English.

"Who are you?" I asked surprisingly. He was about five feet tall and dresses in a black woolen robe with a hood pulled over his head.

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