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An Idea Concerning the Soul
and Ascension

by Philip

Posted: 20:11 April 19, 2008

Like billions of other human beings on this planet have since the time of man began, I have spent countless hours pondering over and searching for the "truth" of existence. Exactly what is the truth? Since I do believe in a 'higher being" I have dabbled in a variety of mainstream religions over my time, and studied many more. The main thing I have come away with is that each one is certain that it has the right idea, and every other religion is totally wrong. How can there possibly be so many divergent religions and all of them be "right"? Why all these differing ideas on the concept of heaven and hell? How does that all fit into the "out of the mainstream" ideas like ghosts, witchcraft, parallel universes, extraterrestrials, reincarnation, past lives, astral travel, superhuman powers, and the sense of Déjà vu?

Perhaps all we really have to do is take a step back and look at a bigger picture. Maybe there is a grain of truth in all these things.

Have you ever experienced a nagging conscious or had a hunch pay off? Intuitively knowing what to do or where to go? Have you sensed you were being watched or interacted with? Have you ever felt like you were outside your body watching it as it went through it's motions or had moments when an inner voice told you to do things you would probably not otherwise thought of doing? What exactly is that?

It seems to be that most people believe, or want to believe that when we leave this mortal body, that something called the soul lives on in some form of existence. Does that mean that the soul itself is eternal? Does it have a life span of it's own? Where does it go after leaving our physical body? Why did it inhabit our body for such a short time to begin with? What is its goal?

After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that the soul as we call it, is a higher level of consciousness inhabiting and sharing our own fragile human bodies, whose goal is to act as a student and observer seeking a higher level of ascension for themselves. This would explain man's desire to basically be good and "do the right thing", and also explain why the soul lives on after the body is used up. My theory is that a soul probably gets randomly assigned a physical body to inhabit acting as a battery of sorts to power the physical shell.

Since it's goal is to learn, it has no reason to control the body on a continuous basis. It can however, interact to a certain degree via what we feel are the intuitions, hunches, and your "conscious dictating your actions". Hosting a soul can not go totally undetected, but depending on how strong the person's own mind is, perhaps it is able to shut out to a certain extent, or conversely open itself up to the feelings and memories threads or even supernatural power of the soul on a limited basis. This would help explain saints and killers, savants and prophets.

Once the physical body wears out, the soul moves on to its next existence, taking with it the new life experience and memories of its host body. Perhaps it regressed due to its interaction with the human setting. Maybe it needs a repeat lesson at a lower plane of existence. Maybe it needs a few years to reflect on what it learned before it moves on. Maybe luck of the draw dealt it a bad hand and the physical body was defected somehow and did not last long enough to complete the lesson. Hopefully, all went well and it felt that its time on this earth was a true learning experience and it was time to move on to a new higher level of learning.

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