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Tim Swartz is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Secret Black Projects, Evil Agenda of the Secret Government, Time Travel: A How-To-Guide, Teleportation: From Star Trek to Tesla, Strange and Unexplainable Deaths, and his most recent: Richard Shaver-Reality of the Inner Earth. His articles have been published in magazines such as Mysteries, FATE, Strange, Atlantis Rising, UFO Universe, Renaissance, and Unsolved UFO Reports. Most recently Tim has become the Associate Publisher for Mysteries Magazine and is the host of the paranormal podcast: Mystery Tour: Investigating the Unknown. As well, Tim Swartz is the writer and editor of the Internet newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide. View his website at:

Richard Shaver's Inner Earth Mysteries
by Tim R. Swartz

Posted: 18:02 May 24, 2007

Amazing StoriesIn 1943, Ray Palmer, editor of the pulp sci-fi magazine Amazing Stories, received a letter from Richard Shaver, a man who claimed to have knowledge of an ancient language he dubbed Mantong, an alphabet of "root words" that formed the source of all earthly languages. Palmer was so impressed by the letter that he published it in the January, 1944 issue.

Palmer's instinct for a good story proved to be correct as readers clamored for more information about the mysterious Mantong Alphabet. So Palmer wrote back to Shaver asking for more information and Shaver promptly sent him a lengthy, supposedly true, story that Palmer rewrote into a fictional tale and re-titled I Remember Lemuria. This was published in the March, 1945 issue and again, reader response was incredible.


According to Shaver, a race known as the Titan-Atlans came from a distant, unknown planet to colonize the Earth. Possibly more than a million years ago they first settled on the continent of Atlantis and later, spread across the globe. These extraterrestrials could communicate by thought transference and had spaceships that traveled faster than the speed of light. They also understood genetics and biologically constructed humanoid creatures with special physical attributes, such as extra arms or superior strength, to use for specialized labor.

They also had incredible ray-machines called "Mech" that used electromagnetic energies not yet realized by modern science. These ray-machines were specialized to do functions such as the
telesolidograph, which could broadcast three-dimensional, holographic images; the penetray, used to observe events from vast distances; the telepathic augmenter or telaug, which transmitted thought; and the ben-ray, which broadcast integrative, healing energies that, among other things, could heal all illness and extend life almost to the point of immortality.

Unfortunately, according to Shaver, this utopian society came to an end in the 40th century BCE when they discovered that the sun's radioactive rays were slowly killing them. The mighty race quickly fled earth's solar system in search of a new home, although some decided to remain behind, taking their chances with the mutating effects of the sun's radiation. Others, however, decided to protect themselves from the sun's harsh rays by moving underground.

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