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Richard Shaver's Inner Earth Mysteries
by Tim R. Swartz

Richard Shaver
Richard Shaver
Shaver described the cave system as: "...incredibly extensive, so that the possible population could be thousands of times that of the surface of the Earth's The caves are connected by broad highways, carved through the solid rock for thousands of miles, the whole inner earth being a vastly complicated network of tunnels connecting literally thousands of great caved as large as any surface city, and some so large as to dwarf a New York to insignificance."

However, even moving underground turned out not to be a perfect solution. Those who stayed in the caves were shielded from some of the detrimental rays of the sun, but neither did they receive its benefits, such as assisting in the production of vitamin D in skin cells. Although they survived and reproduced, most of them degenerated into a race of psychotic dwarfs that Shaver called Dero.

In Mantong, according to Shaver, de meant "detrimental energy" and ro "slave." So a Dero was someone who is compulsively evil. There were others in the caves who managed to stave off the mental and physical deterioration of the Dero; they were the Tero, short for "integrative robots." Although they were fewer in number, they did all they could to defeat the Dero.

The Deros, however, remained in control of a lot of the fantastic ray machines left behind by the departing Titan-Atlans. According to Shaver, the Dero, for sadistic pleasures, used the various machines to cause trouble for the humans on the surface of the planet. By projecting beams of energy, the Dero could interfere with engines or even structural integrity and cause all kinds of accidents such as airplane and car crashes. With thought-projecting machines, the Dero could cause people to hear voices and think irrationally, leading to unexplained mass-murders and wars. The Tero also had access to some of the mech machines and used them to try and stop the Dero and help the surface dwellers.

Shaver claimed that he knew all of this to be true because he had personally seen the hidden caves, courtesy of a female cavern-dweller named Nydia who had taken a romantic shine to him. Nydia first appeared to Shaver late at night as a holographic projection, beckoning him to follow her. At first Shaver thought that he was either insane or was seeing a ghost. However, one night, he decided to go with the apparition and was led into the night to a hidden doorway on the side of a hill. Once inside he met the physical Nydia who lived with her family and a small group of other underground dwellers.

One early variation of this tale was included in Timothy Green Beckley's The Shaver Mystery and the Inner Earth. In this version, Shaver said that he was in prison for a minor crime and that Nydia used mind controlling mech-rays to influence the guards to open his cell and allow him to escape to her.

Nydia provided Shaver with ancient records of her people's past and also warned him that the Dero would use their ray machines to confuse Shaver's thoughts and make his life miserable. The Dero guarded their existence ferociously and would use every means at their disposal to stop anyone from revealing their existence. Shaver claimed that his brother and first wife died of health problems induced by the Deros mech-rays. As well, Shaver suffered mental problems and unexplained physical pain, again, supposedly at the hands of the Deros machines. He would later write that if it wasn't for the Tero's help, the Dero would have destroyed him very early on.

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