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Bigfoot Research Should Stick to Basics
by Brian Gaugler

Posted: 01:50 June 12, 2007

Ever since the Bigfoot phenomenon became world famous in 1958, some researchers in the field have advanced paranormal explanations as a solution to the Bigfoot mystery, painting the creatures as being more than just a physical, flesh and blood animal but in fact paranormal beings. Those who advance this theory tie Sasquatch sightings together with UFOs, psychic phenomena, and other kinds of strange activity that would at first seem not to be connected to Bigfoot. The researchers in this particular area claim that many reports of 'high strangeness' involving Bigfoot, such as the creatures being seen near UFOs or disappearing into thin air in front of startled witnesses, are ignored by both Bigfoot and UFO groups, dismissed by group members without any kind of research or investigation. This is usually explained as hesitation or even fear on the part of the researchers in these groups, so desperate are they to hold on to their perceived credibility that they will ignore anything that doesn't fit into their already preconceived theories and viewpoints on the different subjects.

There have indeed been some intriguing case reports of high strangeness being involved with Bigfoot sightings, and it certainly makes even the most hardcore proponent of the "Bigfoot = Gigantopithecus" hypothesis stop and consider alternative possibilities for even just a moment. In his article "Paranormal Manimals in Latin America", Scott Corrales discusses reports of strange beings from Latin America, some of which seem to blur the line between cryptozoology and the paranormal. To quote part of his article involving a sighting from Puerto Rico, "One of the more memorable cases involved an elderly woman who ventured into her backyard attracted by the frantic barking of her watchdogs: to her astonishment, she saw the dogs were barking at a simian figure with glowing red eyes which had climbed to the top of a palm tree in her yard. The manimal turned into a ball of orange fire and rose upward into the skies, disappearing from sight." Corrales also reported on another case involving a hairy biped, this time from southern California, in his article, "Terror in Lonely Places", which can be found in the November 2004 issue of Fate. To again quote Corrales, "Witnesses reported seeing a torpedo-shaped UFO delivering a number of shadowy shapes that wandered off into the darkness. Although the witnesses were unable to describe the shapes with any precision, they agreed on their massive size and red eyes. Guttilla's team later found evidence that something had indeed been there----large, five-toed footprints characteristic of Bigfoot. More reports would emerge in successive days. A ranching family heard high-pitching screams from the desert foothills that caused their dogs to cower in fear. Two members of Guttilla's team spotted the eyes of a distant creature in the desert, eventually getting close enough to it to ascertain that it was an ape-like entity leaning on its side and looking straight at the human explorers."

In addition to the writings of Mr. Corrales, Nick Redfern, another Fortean researcher, has written on what he calls "The Crossover Problem", namely the problem that researchers encounter in dealing with cases that seem to blur the boundaries between cryptozoology and the paranormal. Redfern states, "As I have pointed out, those cases are very often either under-investigated or, worse still, completely ignored. The reason, as I have also pointed out time and again, is that those cases, if true, suggest that the researchers who believe Bigfoot to be a purely physical animal and those that believe the UFO presence on our world is evidence that ET is visiting, may have to revise some of those same beliefs. And radically over-hauling and revising belief systems doesn't always come easy to those investigators that have staked their careers and reputations on one particular theory. Too bad for them. We have to examine all of the data, whether it sits comfortable in our minds or not."

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