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The Apollo 15 mission found out a huge object on the backside of the Moon: did Apollo 19-20 missions really take place?
New and baffling video footage on YouTube provided by W. Rutledge
seem to corroborate his amazing story
by Luca Scantamburlo
Italian journalist

02:00 June 27, 2007

A few weeks ago I interviewed a man by the name of William Rutledge, who has been claiming his identity: he would have been an astronaut during the '70s, employed by the USAF in collaboration with NASA during a secret Space mission. My interview was carried out by my YouTube Account/General Messages. William Rutledge registered himself on YouTube as a man of 76 years old (YouTube user: "retiredafb"), who now lives in Rwanda. He told me he is an American citizen, now civilian, born in Belgium in 1930 and employed by USAF as test pilot on various aircrafts.

According to his report supported by some outstanding videos uploaded on YouTube since April 2007, after the Apollo 17 (December 1972) and the "Apollo18-Soyuz" mission taken place in July 1975, there were other two missions on the Moon: the Apollo 19 (failed because of <>, see the interview with W.Rutledge) and the Apollo 20 (August 1976), which were both classifed Space missions launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base (California).

Officially many Apollo missions were canceled by NASA during the Project Apollo, included the Apollo 20 (canceled in 1970).

The goal of these two presumed secret joint space mission, result of an American-Soviet collaboration, was to reach the backside of the Moon (the Delporte-Izsak region, close to the well-known Tsiolkovsky crater) and to explore a huge object found out during the Apollo 15 mission. What the Apollo 20 crew found, it was a huge and ancient alien spaceship, <> (W. Rutledge).

And as a matter of fact, some official NASA pictures archived by the LPI (The Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston), which is "a research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community" (, show a strange and big object on the far side of the Moon. LPI is "is managed by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA)".

Here you are some of the details of those NASA pictures which show that cigar-shaped object:

Regarding the video entitled "ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON flyover bef. landing APOLLO 20", on YouTube since May 4, 2007, as introduction we have a sort of marking with the presumed mission patch, which contains an interesting Latin inscription: <>. I realized later reading an essay of Latin quotations and sayings, that the Latin inscription on the presumed patch of the classified mission is from Virgilio's "Bucoliche" (IX, 50). On the presumed patch we have the names of the crew as well: <>, which is a typical NASA habit.

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