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Deformed Human or Human-Alien Hybrid?

by Lloyd Pye

Posted: 10:35 June 8, 2007

Artist's Impression
Savee and Ruhl

Around 1930, the parents of a young American girl of Mexican heritage took her to visit relatives in a small rural village in the mountains southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico. While there, the girl disobeyed a local taboo and went exploring in caves and mineshafts dotting the area. In a mineshaft she made a startling discovery: lying on the ground at the rear of the tunnel was a complete human skeleton. Coming up out of the dirt beside it was a misshapen hand, entwined in one of the human skeleton's upper arm bones.

Gathering her courage, the young girl began to dig away the dirt the hand was rising from. She uncovered a shallow grave containing a being smaller than the human, with a body and skull as misshapen as the hand. She then removed both skulls from the mineshaft and brought them back into the U.S., where she kept them as souvenirs until her death in the early 1990's. They were then passed on to an American man who held them for five years, not knowing what to do with them but assuming, as the previous owner had assumed, that the "weird" skull was merely a natural human deformity.

That man and his wife passed the skulls to a younger couple, Ray and Melanie Young of El Paso, Texas. Melanie had been a neonatal nurse for several years and was quite familiar with all kinds of human deformity. She quickly realized the "deformed" skull defied all the rules of normal deformity. Most significantly, it was entirely too symmetrical, even more symmetrical than typical humans; and it was entirely too light relative to what any typically deformed skull should weigh.

In addition to her neonatal experience, Melanie and husband Ray were members of El Paso's MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) chapter. They both knew that their new skull exhibited all the classic features of a skull that might fit into the head of a Grey alien. Realizing that, they determined to have the skull scientifically tested to determine its genetic heritage. They undertook that task with serious doubts, feeling certain it was probably a deformity, but they wanted to be certain.

It was at that point that they contacted me because of my research into human origins outlined in my book, Everything You Know Is Wrong (currently undergoing a complete revision and available again in late July of 2007 from Bell Lap Books, My expertise was in comparing human bones with prehuman bones and showing they had very little in common, so I was not a UFO expert. However, I was aware of the basics of UFOlogy, so my first glimpse of the "deformed" skull made me think that Ray and Melanie Young might be correct in their assessment their skull might well be from a Grey alien.

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