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Letter of the Week to the Editor

EM's Theory on the Black Triangle

RDM* Enhancement of NASA ERIS Photo

EM's Theory on the Black Triangle

Received from EM
April 21/2008

(Copyright 2008, EM/RM - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 14:10 June 10, 2008

EM wrote:

Hi Robert:

It's EM.

Prefacing the points I'll be making, I'd like to visit or revisit my approach to data. I was never a journalist (although my younger brother, for years, was an overseas staff news photographer for ABC), so I don't seek out extra-source verification. I am not a scientist, so I don't look for repeatable data or procedures to support a theory or thesis. I am (but I think this was instinctive) a firm adherent to the concept of OCCAM'S RAZOR.

Over time, I have experienced confirmation that the simple answer is usually the correct answer. Having said that, I've also noticed that when an answer has been "massaged", it is almost always distorted, and more often than not, the truth is virtually absent from the report.

Ultimately, my approach has been to be an information sponge, assigning a loose valuation to data, while waiting for data to repeat or establish discernable patterns. Unless proven wrong in a definitive way, I don't disallow or remove any data.

Having said all that, I'd like to review some data recollections with you. Some will be old hat, but perhaps some will fill some gaps in your overview.

Mar 08/57 - On page 2 of part 1 of the Keyhoe/Wallace report, a brief reference was made to a "Canadian official project - Project Magnet" carried out at Shirley Bay, Ont.

What doesn't emerge from this brief mention is that Shirley Bay was (and is) a vast Communication Research Center, that was home to Ma Bell's (Bell Labs) Northern Telecom research.

Yes, this research lab morphed into NORTEL, the publicly traded company. In it's day, at least into the '80s it is now my belief that it was a "safe house" for the NSA. If I am correct, that would mean two things: (1) ALL Bell facilities were NSA accessible. (2) NO Bell facilities would have been CIA accessible. (I'll expand somewhat,... later.).

Meanwhile, if this works right, I'm including a web address:

On "Black Friday"...

Feb. 20/59, the Canadian Gov't cancelled the AVRO ARROW program.

Two months later (Apr 22/59) a special crew moved in and physically shredded and destroyed every piece of all these state-of-the-art aircraft and all of the support documents. It was a total scorched-earth approach.

Yes, you can ask...what's your point?

Well, it's useful to have some backgrounding.

The Canadian Prime Minister of the day, John Diefenbaker and President Kennedy hated each other. I met Diefenbaker once, he knew my name and my brother's connection, but in reality, it was your standard political farce. His "minder" was my Doctor, and John was being "fed" background(s)...

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