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David Brager is a legal expert in computers, real estate, hypnosis, research, and communications, with a Humanities BA with emphasis in Communications and English from Washington State University Tri-Cities. He has spent the past quarter century developing the tools to make hypnosis into a marketable, safe, and contractual public domain communications field for eyes-closed subconscious entertainment. His website,, freely disseminates his works, and his book, The Futureís Toolkit, can be bought in print, but is also available for free online reading. His website,, has his manifesto, with full criminal history disclosures within, for he feels that honesty is manditory. He's even the last story in the first Darwin Awards book, Evolution in Action, on page 308. As a comedian and humorist, David Brager is a different sort of innovator for a world that doesn't need leaders as much as it needs freedom.

Rebooting Heaven: The Basics
by David Brager

Posted: 23:50 June 22, 2008

Greetings Fellow Cyborgs. I need you to take in my last article at this site, the UFO Digest, for my article is a factual assembly of data to one point, and from here, I need to show you what Mohammed learned from this and why he built the civilization that became Islam.

There are two quests in the book of Matthew. Three wise men arrive from the east bearing gifts.

Build your treasures in heaven. Why? Because ideas travel faster when not affiliated with the acquisition, tabulation, or movements of matter.

If these are three WISE men, and they know this from the puzzle in Matthew, they do not bring physical gifts. The gifts are a puzzle all their own.

The three gifts are Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Now, you donít need to go to Wikipedia to learn that Gold is gold. Itís only one thing. Frankincense is also only one thing. But Myrrh has actually two different values. It is used for an embalming ointment. It was also highly prized as an incense. Remember the period. They didnít have the technology that you do. Myrrh smelled so good, it made the stench of death bearable. However, it was more highly prized as an aromatic all on its own, which means that when there isnít death all around, itís even more wonderful.

Now, do you see the issue? What we have here is a distribution of work. Moses brought the gold, which is being argued as the hand tool. Jesus brings the toolkit, being this decoding of the four gospels. The third gift was two quests in one.

In tackling the first quest, Mohammed builds a new religion using a new language because someone infected by a logical virus turned a hand tool into a new letter in a new alphabet and set that letter to the first letter for the word that meant Peace so that when we learned that we have been deceived, we would know what we had missed all these millennia. The way we know that this is internal is because of all the stories that work with the time corridor. We have multiples of people through time who were not infected by the virus who had similar types of epic stories.

What the Torah did in the foreground was to add rules. They moved the word "Rules" down from below Commandment #2 to below Commandment #10 on a printed page that needed to be lugged about.

We were promised the greatest religion for a slave. What does a slave value most? No burdens.

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