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Jeff Peckman may be spaced out, but alien expert Stan Romanek is the real little green man by Jason Sheehan

Posted: 18:05 June 13, 2008

Stan Romanek
Stan Romanek

As the world now knows, a man named Jeff Peckman is fighting to get an initiative on the November ballot calling for the formation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver which would deal with any problems that might arise should a group of day-tripping ETs decide to stop by. And last Friday, Peckman upped the ante by showing footage (to select members of the press, no photos or recording allowed) of an actual living, breathing alien peeking through a window. But here's the thing...

Ben Hammott
The video was just a piece of a much longer video shot by one of Colorado's own, Stan Romanek. And Stan? He's a weird guy. I was fortunate enough to catch a much longer dog-and-pony show he himself did for a standing-room-only crowd on the Auraria campus a few months ago. I'm fairly sure I was the only member of the press in attendance, seeing as how the vast majority of the crowd was drawn from the ranks of the UFO faithful. In short, Stan was preaching to the converted. And I was one of them.

Yes, I believe in UFOs. I believe in alien life. My wife and I have seen (and reported to the Mutual UFO Network) one UFO ourselves — not a spaceship, not an alien, but a truly unidentified flying object, outside Wagon Mound, New Mexico, six or seven years ago — and I have spent time since then hanging with the UFO community, trying to learn.

Which was why I knew Romanek's name. He is, to quote from his own website,, at the center of "the most scientifically documented [case of] human/extraterrestrial encounters in the world. There have been well over 100 individually unique experiences that Stan has encountered since December, 2000 that remain unexplainable. Being abducted is only one of many experiences."

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