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“Son of the Sun” and
“Secret of the Saucers”
by Orfeo Angelucci

by Sean Casteel

Posted: 14:38 June 10, 2008

'Son of the Sun' and 'Secret of the Saucers'

The current climate within the UFO community is often unfavorable to the contactees of the 1950s. The idea that benignly smiling, beautiful looking blondes from the planet Venus were here to guide us past encroaching nuclear and environmental doom nowadays seems to many alien abduction researchers to be the worst kind of wishful thinking. It is easier in our time to take more seriously the short, gray, black-eyed aliens whose amoral agenda is mainly occupied by medically and genetically exploiting their hapless abductees. Whatever the newer breed of aliens may be, their purpose is somehow separate from any notion of saving mankind from itself.

That being the case, little of the contactee literature from that time is read these days with any degree of credibility. Yet, that sometimes naïve decade of the 1950s is still known in some Ufological circles as the Golden Age of Flying Saucers, when the countless sightings of that era were reported as serious news stories and the movies were full of that first wave of schlock science fiction with cheesy special effects and usually menacing aliens.

The emerging UFO subculture that began in those years has often been passed off as a subconscious reaction to the general societal confusion in the years after World War II and the even grimmer Cold War threat. But to contactees like Orfeo Angelucci, the alien presence was all too real. Available now, for the first time, are two different books by Angelucci in one volume, a reprint by Global Communications that also includes an audio CD of Angelucci speaking about his experiences.

Titled “The Son of the Sun” and “Secret of the Saucers,” both books offer classic firsthand accounts of meetings between Angelucci and the compassionate aliens he felt could save the world. This is a part of UFO history too often ridiculed because it lacks the moral and psychological complexity of the later—and supposedly more “believable”—encounters with scalpel-wielding grays.

But the tale Angelucci tells is equally believable. He met quite human-looking entities that honestly cared about the people they contacted and the future of humanity as a whole. They filled Angelucci with ecstatic feelings of peace and love. Angelucci had been sickly and bedridden as a child, and his health problems were still with him as an adult. During one of his onboard experiences, he is given a new, healthy body for a short time, but is promised that he will one day return to inhabit the vigorous container for his soul permanently. It is no wonder that he marveled at the kindness of his abductors.

Not that contact didn’t have its problems as well. He was especially disheartened by how no one would believe his stories of alien encounters, not even his wife. After suffering many jokes and insults at work, he decided to leave his lucrative job working for a Los Angeles aircraft manufacturing company. He wrote and self-published pamphlets about his experiences and was again rebuffed and reviled. In spite of that, he felt a strong sense of mission about what had happened to him and remained determined to tell the world about the exciting truth of the alien presence, the result of which is the two volumes grouped together here. As an historical time capsule of the contactee era, “Son of the Sun” and “Secret of the Saucers” are priceless and may contain some of the most important writing anywhere on what it meant to meet aliens in that first heady era when the UFO phenomenon was new and the winds of change were just starting to pick up speed.

For more information or to purchase Son Of The Sun:Secret of the Flying Saucers (Book and Audio CD) click on title!

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