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My pen-name is Misty Rhodes and I am an abductee with remarkable recall of my experiences, including the Dec 8th 1992 mass abduction of our Houston Abductee support group. I have authored a book about my experiences titled, "Soul Memories". You can view the website for excerpts. The book is about 230 pages. This case was researched by HUFON and our investigators at that time (Dale Musser & Derrel Sims). The most remarkable story surrounds my brother's death in 1976 where the aliens were waiting with me in the woods just before the crash. The book includes many childhood abductions (implants, hybrids, underground bases, alien writings). (

Mass Abduction of
Abductee Support Group

by Misty Rhodes

Posted: 15:00 July 9, 2007

On December 9, 1992, there was a mass abduction of our Houston, Texas Abductee Support group.

The made-for-television movie “Intruders” aired May of 1992 and I credit its frightening depictions of abductions with awakening my memories. My younger brother Jon now lived in Nashville, TN. Over the phone, I told him my suspicions of having had alien abductions all my life. As fate would have it, he had recently visited the drummer from his childhood band in Houston. This friend was now involved with a UFO group called HUFON (Houston UFO Network). In fact, he and his wife were holding abductee support-group meeting at their home. Can you get any more coincidental than that? Yes. They had introduced Jon to a Master hypnotherapist well known for his investigative work with Abductees. This incredible coincidence had me shaking my head in amazement. Jon went on to say, "I told him about how my sister had psychic abilities." Jon gave me his friend’s phone number, who then gave me the number to the Master hypnotherapist. I made an appointment.

My first session went something like this: Why would they pick you up and not someone else? After some thought, I replied, "Because I belong to them". When he asked if I believed in reincarnation, I said, “Certainly not! People who believe in reincarnation are kooks. They make it all up!” I would not even entertain the idea. Now I wonder why he even asked me about reincarnation. Being ex-CIA, did he know or maybe suspect something? At that time, he considered himself the aliens sworn enemy and the feelings were mutual. They respond in kind.

When he asked about any special abilities, I stated that sometimes I know what people are thinking, not all the time, just sometimes.

When I asked the therapist if he was an abductee, he responded that he was and I smiled, feeling a sense of affinity. Then I noted the assistant, a very kind woman and the wife of my brother’s friend. I asked if she was an abductee. When he replied that she wasn't, an unmistakable rush of fear came over me.

Why had this alarmed me? Something must be there for me to have reacted this way. Maybe it was my fear of the dark Beings. The therapist leaves me with the suggestion that I will begin to remember more concerning my abductions.

Meantime, I would attend HUFON’s monthly meetings and abductees support group meetings. Occassionally, I would serve on their discussion panel.

On Dec. 9, 1992 upon awakening, there was an image in my mind of a naked man lying on a gurney next to me. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if a group of us was taken to a room and we had no cloths on? Getting up, I thought, “Nah, it didn't happen”.

As I made my way to the bathroom, I remembered dreaming of my deceased brother, Roy, but Roy had strange eyes. Looking into the mirror and blowing my nose, there was blood in my left nostril. I knew something unusual had happened.

That night, my husband had fallen asleep on the living room floor while watching television. I had gone to bed in the adjacent room. I become aware of an absolutely huge ship over the top of my house. It was massive enough to have consumed the entire sky. In a trance, I walked past my husband and out the side door. A Being met me in our driveway. He stands aside as a blue beam of light shines down from the night sky and encircles me.

Meanwhile, I am facing my neighbor's house and their bedroom window. I considered the absurdity of such a scene - an otherworldly Being in my driveway as I stand in my gown inside a blue beam of light. I thought, "If they were to look out their window and see this, they really-would think I was weird." And on some level, I knew I was being beamed-up to heaven.

Next, two Grays brought me up an elevator into a large room. The two Grays looked at each other like, this is big trouble. The elevator doors closed behind me as my escorts leave and I am left standing alone. I notice a large metal machine/object to my right. I think that it might be a car but on some level, I know it is not.

Ahead of me is a raised floor maybe 4-foot high with a side rail and a ramp coming down the right. There were three Beings up there and the larger is angrily confronting the other two regarding exposure of their presence among us humans. He noticed me standing near the elevators. "And there's another one!" he pointed out. I was naked and it took him a moment as he did a quick mental process to determine if I was male or female. “Bring her over here," he demanded. He intended to use me to demonstrate his case as he reprimanded the others. They refused saying, "No, we can't do that," as if they were following other orders regarding our handling. This frustrated him even further but he couldn’t call their bluff and override their instructions. Telepathically, someone was called to retrieve me.

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