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Publisher's Note: Received the following submssion from Carolyn S. (she wishes to keep your last name private).

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans: is it connected to Bloodline movie and Rennes les Chateau?
by Carolyn S.

Posted: 23:59 July 13, 2008

Is there a connection between the new movie Bloodline, a New Orleans Cathedral and Rennes le Chateau?

Anyone familiar with new movie written, directed and narrated by Bruce Burgess called Bloodline is aware of the extraordinary discovery of a temple in a cave where a body reportedly was found bearing the Templar cross, along with a cup and anointing jar. Bruce Burgess believes this cave possibly could be a burial place of Mary Magdalene and her descendents. I recently heard of the find and was very excited because I was investigating the French influence in America and found churches in St Louis that had panels, which revealed the French oral tradition story of the Three Marys sailing to France in a oarless boat. So when I went to New Orleans Saint Louis Cathedral I was looking for more proof about the oral tradition.

Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans is one of the oldest cathedrals in America. New Orleans settled by French settlers who with them brought their beliefs and tales from their homeland of France. These settlers were fleeing war and the French Revolution. Nouvelle-Orléans was founded in 1718 by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. France was in chaos and America was a free society where people could practice their religion without fear. Huguenots were fleeing France also and they were named from King Hughes Capet who was part of the Capetian Dynasty, New Orleans was named after Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, the Prince Regent of France at the time.(1) New Orleans switched from French domination to Spanish rule and then Napoleon sold it to America in the 1803. History records Freemasons settled all in America such as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and others. In the American Revolution the French aided the revolutionaries. So naming the Saint Louis Cathedral of New Orleans after the Sainted Louis IX the Capetian king who led two Crusades and known for his justice is not surprising. The first Ursuline Convent in America was in New Orleans also.(1)

It was designed to let women from France travel and stay at the convent until marriage to the men settlers. So remember that these women brought with them their faith and devotion and were an important part of making New Orleans. French realized if a colony was going to survive the women were necessary.

In the movie Bloodline one of the pictures that gave me a chills is the picture of the Templar Burial tomb. On the shroud of the woman is a red Templar cross that Bruce and his team are getting DNA results on. So as I walked through Saint Louis Cathedral there are stain glass

Windows depicting Saint Louis and his Crusades. I walked around looking at the beautiful stain glass windows and froze when I saw the window depicting a Saint Louis’s burial.

Where he had a shroud painted with the red Templar cross over his body. The synchronicity of it just was amazing. The stain glass window has the Templar burial of a King and Saint Louis and Templars had a intertwined history together and it said to me Saint Louis was a Templar thus his honored burial. There are three people a man woman and child hidden looking at the burial behind rocks and there is a Tower in the background. The Tower reminded me of Rennes Le Chateau and one wonders who this family maybe. It will be interesting to see if in the later excavations that Bruce Burgess and Ben Hammott find more bodies buried in the Tomb. I also speculate that the family could be Saint Clairs that were in the background and played a pivotal part of saving the remnants of the Templars after Phillips attack on them. The French Saint Clairs settled in Louisiana and in Canada and the Scottish Sinclairs are the owners of Rossalyn chapel.

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