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A Conversation With The Earth
by Leah J. Utas

Posted: 18:30 July 22, 2008

A Conversation With The Earth
Are you receptive to messages? If you suddenly found yourself communicating with someone or something that you didn't think was capable of it, how would you react?

I faced this question one day as the Earth tapped into me while I was doing some altered state work.

Our Earth is an intelligent, loving being with something to tell us. During a meditation one day she chose to say it to me. It was a surprise to have this communication, albeit a pleasant one.

I'd fully relaxed myself and taken the Earth's energy up through my chakras. I do this quite often as a way of anchoring myself. This time, it had surprising results.

I found myself in a small, grassy clearing at the edge of a lovely, deciduous forest. The trees were in mature, dark leaf. It was very early morning and the sun was about to rise in the far northeast horizon behind me. Though I could see grass and trees, a thick blanket of white light, like low, thick fog, covered everything.

A layer of golden light covered this fog bank and I could sense amorphous beings within it. On the fog's underside was a layer of inviting, bright green light hovering just above the dew-darkened grass.

As the fog grew thinner an edge of turquoise began to ribbon through it. The golden layer grew and more ribbons of turquoise appeared and became wider. The layer of green grew upward, and there, through the transforming, dissipating light at the edge of the forest, stood a woman.

The full branches of the tall trees reached over her head forming a protective, yet inviting archway. The forest was a cave, and this was its entrance.

She was clad in a long, white gown. She appeared as a young maiden, a mature, maternal woman, and a wise grandmother. Her shoulder length dark hair was edged with dark red. A vibrant and proud streak of gray graced the front. Her eyes were endless, warm and dark, and spoke of depth and age and knowing. A sash of glorious red ran from one shoulder to the opposite hip and was edged with a thin blade of black. A tinge of harvest gold light surrounded her, as did an aura of expectancy. She sent out a feeling of a great, impending birth filled with the energy of vibrant new life.

"It is me you feel when you feel Earth (my) energy," she said. "My love."

"To you in your time my others, the other planets in your known system, are uninhabited. Oh that is a joke! But for you, it is the only way for you now to understand. Too many 'Others.' Too much for your way of being. Change. Understand. You will see it as real."

At our present level of intellectual and spiritual development we can't accept sentient life beyond our own. However, after the Earth and societal changes we would. She went on to talk about life under her surface, where some access points to it are located, and about the coming changes.

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