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Dr. Edgar Mitchell steps into the Disclosure Circle

"The real inside story. We have been visited"
--Dr Edgar Mitchell

by Don Allis 
Editor: The Alien Seeker News

Posted: 20:30 July 25, 2008 - Revised August 4, 2008

Dr. Edgar Mitchell steps into the Disclosure Circle
January 31, 1971, Commander Dr. Edgar Mitchell became the sixth man to walk on the moon. The Apollo 14 mission was NASA's third manned lunar landing. Now a national hero he has once again stepped up to the plate reiterating the fact that this man is a real national hero.

If you have been somewhere other than planet earth here recently then there is a chance you would not have heard the biggest news towards UFO/ET disclosure that has resonated in just about every human ear on this planet and has rattle the cages of most of the mainstream media around the world.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell disclosed, July 23, 2008, during an online UK talk radio interview, with Kerrang Radio, that aliens have made contact with us and it has been covered up for more than 60 years and these contacts continue to this day and are ongoing.

Nick Margerrison
In an online interview on The Kevin Smith Show, Nick Margerrison, host of 'The Night Before Radio Show at Kerrang Radio', referenced that he was caught off guard and taken by surprise when Dr. Mitchell made this statement. Mr. Margerrison original idea for the shows interview was to have this great American astronaut on and discuss his experiences of walking on the moon when suddenly he was taken aback by Dr. Mitchell's comments to having inside knowledge about alien contacts. As one listens to the archive recording of this show at:, it is easy to see that Nick Margerrison was in somewhat of a shock and totally unprepared for such a response.

Now if these words would have come out of the mouth of any other individual then it may have been readily dismissed as mere speculation and fabrication. However it was not just anyone who made this statement, but it was a well respected national hero.

It may be Dr. Mitchell's age, now 77, that has prompted him to start speaking out, or one might speculate that he has been given the go ahead by some insiders who are starting to slowly assimilate the populace into the fact that we are not alone. Regardless of the reason, these words are powerful coming from this national hero, and even the most closed minded of skeptics would find it hard to look this national icon square in the eye and call him a liar.

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