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FAA Release of Radar Data
Signals a new
‘Openness Policy’ on UFOs
by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

Consequently, I now return to the earlier two questions concerning the FAA’s release of radar returns from the Stephenville incident, and why it authorized this release in the case of a UFO that was tracked heading towards President Bush’s Crawford Ranch. The release of the radar returns suggests a significant policy change by senior national security officials within the Bush administration has occurred. Rather than debunking UFO testimonies and withholding corroborating data, the FAA is now releasing key data that helps confirm these testimonies. A new policy of openness appears to be underway. The testimony of former FAA chief Callahan wherein he revealed the role of national security officials in secretly directing FAA policy when it comes to UFO sightings, suggests they have approved the new openness policy. This may account for why major television programs such Larry King Live have been running an unprecedented series of programs on UFOs since the Stephenville sighting. Importantly, the new openness policy may be related to a set of secret meetings at the United Nations from February 12-14 wherein a new policy of openness on UFOs was approved by member nations.

Furthermore, the release of radar evidence pointing to a possible national security breach concerning the Western White House, suggests that the UFO was something other than a classified military project. If the Stephenville UFO was a classified military project, secrecy could easily have been imposed, and the FAA prevented from releasing its radar data for obvious national security reasons. Also, if the UFO belonged to a foreign nation, it would be highly unlikely that the military jets tracking the UFO would not have engaged with the UFO as it approached the Crawford Ranch, as Schulze and Powell implied in their report.

A more plausible explanation for the FAA’s release of the radar data is that senior national security officials are signaling that the Stephenville UFO sighting was not part of any classified program, nor does it belong to any other national government. The FAA and more senior officials are directing the general public to contemplate a genuine enigma over the UFOs’ origin. Consequently, it appears that the goal of the shift in FAA policy on UFOs is that a program to acclimate the American public to the reality of UFOs, and the possibility that they have something other than earthly origin is well underway. It can therefore be predicted that in the months ahead, more persuasive empirical data by the FAA and other government agencies will be allowed to emerge into the public arena increasingly pointing to the reality of UFOs and the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.
July 18, 2008
Kona, Hawaii

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