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FTD is not a Florist!
by Capt. Robert M. Collins
(U.S. Air Force, Ret.)
(Copy right 2007, Robert M. Colling - All Rights Reserved)

00:00 August 22, 2007

How did it all get started?

After some 20 + years for my contributing writer Rick Doty, and 18 years for me, we still ask that question considering all the turmoil associated with the subject. As we all know in life, you can 'run into' a subject. Well, one might say I ran into the subject of UFOs while working as an FTD Analyst in the areas of Theoretical & Applied Physics at the Foreign Technology Division (FTD), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH in the summer of 1985. Ever since the end of the Cold War, FTD had undergone several name changes with the latest being the National Air & Space Intelligence Center or NASIC.

Even before being assigned to FTD, like so many others, I had heard all the rumors and stories about alien bodies being stored at Wright-Patterson AFB. Being curious, I started asking many questions, which led me to one Ernie Kellerstrass who had retired from the Air Force in 1979 as a Lieutenant Colonel with FTD being his last Air Force assignment. Ernie was a short pudgy type of person who always seemed to have a menacing, intimidating attitude typical of AF Colonels of the time, yet full of fear and paranoia when talking about UFOs, MJ-12 and aliens, always saying that someone else had told him those stories.

In 1985, Ernie was working for Systems Research Labs located on Indian Ripple Road in Dayton, OH. For someone who was just passing on "stories," he was a treasure trove of information on virtually every aspect of the UFO subject. Ernie mentioned people like Dr. Anthony Joseph Cacioppo (Chief FTD Scientist at the time), Dale Graff (reassigned from FTD to the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] now retired) and others as having great in-depth knowledge of the UFO/alien subject. The prime reason according to Ernie was that both Cacioppo and Graff used to tag along with MJ-12 Team Members to various meetings. One famous meeting was reportedly held at a ski lodge just north of Albuquerque, NM, in 1968 where the topic of concern was a new wave of UFO sightings that made the U.S. government extremely nervous.

Ernie also talked at length about the underground facilities at Wright-Patterson that were reportedly used to house recovered alien artifacts and other facilities nationwide that included the Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) and the National Security Agency or NSA. A good portion of the information that Ernie provided became part of the Exempt from Disclosure book.

In the spring of 1986, I flew out to Los Angeles, California on a TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment for the Air Force) to consult with the technical staff of TRW. While there, I met Bill Moore, who with Charles Berlitz, wrote the first book on Roswell. Bill came to my motel room where we sat and talked for about an hour. Bill mentioned being contacted in 1980 by a "Mr. X" who told him at the time that Bill was the only one on the right track among UFO researchers, so he wanted to work with Bill in a government disclosure process. We then both agreed to stay in touch and I returned to Dayton and Wright-Patterson AFB.

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