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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSam Willey is a young UFOlogist who wants to show that people of all ages can share a serious interest in UFOs. His research began in 2003 when he and two friends witnessed a Triangular shaped UFO. After two years of research Sam created a website known as Sam's UFO Files. He expanded the site back in late 2005 and it became Sam is also an active contributor to UFO Magazine, and UFODIGEST were he writes columns and voices his opinions on UFO's. You can also find Sam over at the forum were he is a regular contributor and staff member. Contact Sam willey by email.

Gary McKinnon Earns
House of Lords Appeal

by Sam Willey

Posted: 22:45 August 2, 2007

Gary McKinnon Earns House of Lords Appeal

British computer hacker Gary McKinnon who in 2001 allegedly hacked into computer systems belonging to United States military and scientific establishments such as NASA has earned his right to appeal to the House of Lords. The law Lords agreed to hear arguments that US authorities acted in an "oppressive" and "arbitrary" manner during plea bargaining negotiations, for example by allegedly threatening McKinnon over the loss of rights to serve part of his sentence in the UK unless he submitted to voluntary extradition. The Guardian newspaper states that Gary McKinnon is said to be delighted by this recent development in the case.

This appeal is now the only thing that stands between McKinnon and a US trial which could see him spending the rest of his life in prison. McKinnon who is accused of breaking into and damaging US systems between 2001 and 2002 and US prosecutors claim that up to $700,000 in damage was caused lost an appeal against his extradition in April. McKinnon has always stated that he accepts he hacked into US systems however he does not accept that he caused any damage as prosecutors claim.

The most interesting part of this case which US authorities say is the "biggest military computer hack of all time" is the information that Mr. McKinnon allegedly uncovered during his hacking. McKinnon reports that he found top secret documents and in particular one image which seemed to depict a large UFO above the earths atmosphere.

No date has been made for Gary McKinnon’s Lords hearing and for now he remains on bail which is the state he has been in since his arrest. For further details on the Gary McKinnon case please take a look at my previous article posted here on UFO digest - Click Here

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