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Great Sacandaga Lake UFO
by Brett Allen and Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 23:00 August 25, 2008

 Photo #1

I'm a UFO researcher and a former PYX106 disc jockey in Albany, New York- who had a number one show in Albany market. I thought you might find these (photos) of interest.

We took them over the Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate NY- August 12, 2007 and May 2008.

One (#1) was taken almost one year to the day later. There's quite an interesting back story: as having recently had a feature and cover in UFO Mag about another sighting I had back in 1980 - three spheres on I-90 near East Greenbush New York, just prior to the Hudson Valley UFO flap - a gentlemen contacted me to say he too was having contemporary sightings in the that same area, also of spheres, but also of mantas, and claimed to have seen helicopters chasing a spherical craft.

He also told me he was able to "vector" in UFOs. I was ready to blow him off when he told me he was filming UFOs over the lake where I live (where he also had a camp). He told me that "they" (UFOs) were watching me! Ah huh!

A week later, I took this photo (#1)- although the object was not visible when the shot was taken- although the camera is cheap and does not have a Ultra Violet filter. I was floored. Before the shot I took lin August of '08, I saw odd clouds overhead.

Photo #2

With the second taken this spring, I had an "odd" feeling when I went out to take the photo - and this is what turned up next (#2)- the lightning bolt shot with the rectangle again visible in the bottom half of the frame, but again nothing was apparent when the shot was taken.

There were chemtrails, many chemtrails, visible when I took the second shot. I believe chemtrails may be somehow used to expose or track UFOs. I originally thought the rectangle may be a camera artifact, but as several different pics now exist of the same thing, and taken by unrelated witnesses, both video and still shots, and from around the world, I don't believe that's any longer a possibility.

I also believe that this "UFO" may be the rectangular, winged UFO symbol of the Sumerians, Babylonians and Egyptians - the portal of the sky gods: Sitchin’s Anunnaki who are due back, complete with the circlular "sun disc" in the center. Even the appendage on my first shot over the wires, may be the strange line which comes from the bottom right hand corner of the "Eye of Ra" depiction of the Egyptians (you know the one that looks like the Time Warner logo).

Istanbul Turkey Rectangle

I have found a similar shot from the UK, an identical one from Istanbul Turkey (#3-FROM A YOUTUBE VIDEO "UFO IN TURKEY") and now this Montour Falls shot you ran, again very similar to mine as you can see the black dot in the center - apparently all are the same craft. Perhaps, based on your site - this gentlemen who contacted me did see the manta craft just as he claimed.

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