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Aura Vision Predictions
by Tony R. Elliott

Posted: 00:15 August 6, 2008

Since the summer of 1990, some 6 months before the Gulf War I have experienced brilliantly, multi-colored, mind's eye visions I can only describe as Aura Visions. These visions began to appear that year and seemed to be linked to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the following war, which began with Kuwait's liberation, by Allied Forces led by The U.S.

During the Clinton Administration I also experienced these images each time The United States bombed any site in Iraq and when The U.S. Embassy's were bombed in Africa in the ladder part of the 1990s.

I don't know the mechanics of these visions or where they may originate. Over the years I've accepted their appearance as harbingers of change since I seem to get them days or hours before a world event, some change in my life personally or even before I meet some one who has bad intentions towards me.

In September of 2001 I began to experience these images on the 1st. I had more of these visions leading up to the events of 9-11 than I have ever experienced before or since this time. During this period I would have as much as 5 of these visions per day. I knew something was up so I would listen to world news and try to gather as much information as I could concerning world events, however all seemed to be quiet.

Aura Vision Predictions

On the morning of 9-11 I was awakened from a call by a coworker and told to listen to the news "we've been attacked. I turned on the news and saw the images of the burning World Trade Center Towers and the smoking section of the Pentagon Building. I was not surprised at what I was seeing; perhaps it was because I was subliminally privy to this event because of the Aura Visions. I feel I already knew about the happenings of that day and was only confirming what I already knew when I saw the death and destruction.

The one thought I immediately had when I first got the news was that this incident was an inside job and not part of any known Terrorist Group.

I even tried to convince myself that this notion was ridiculous and could never be true, but still the overwhelming feeling of this tragedy being orchestrated by our own Government wouldn't cease. It is written in stone in my subconscious never to be changed by evidence to the contrary.

In the weeks and months that followed this tragic day I searched for answers to my feelings. I began to realize the answers would come in increments in the months and years to follow, not by something concrete per say but in several small revelations.

One could see the burning Twin Towers in a $20.00 bill at that time when folded the right way. The Pentagon could be viewed burning as well when a $1.00 bill of the time was folded in the correct way.

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