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UFO over Kaneohe Marine Base, Hawaii
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 11:45 August 24, 2008

Name: Frank (last name withheld)
Email Address:
Location: Kaneohe Marine Base, Hawaii
Date: Thursday August 21, 2008
Time: 6:59:13 A.M.
Weather: Trade Winds were blowing about 25 mph, partly cloudy
Camera: Nikon D60 SLR

Kaneohe Marine Base, Hawaii UFO

I received an email from Frank on August 21, 2008. He used the submission form which has a link in the left-hand column. He lives in Hawaii.

Frank describes his sighting:

Description and Date of incident: Shot it using tripod and nikon D60 SLR Camera my best ufo pic yet I have dozens.

For the last year due to certain circumstances I have not had to or have worked. I was bored and got into taking pics, I'm an artist and believe I have a good eye for the $$$ shots.

So I bought a run of the mill Sony Cyber Shot 7.2 mega pixels, but basic point and shoot camera, one day at the park, I was practicing with that camera and took a picture of a kite that some kid was flying that morning, when we got home I was downloading the images and while looking at the "Kite Picture" above it was the most perfect disc, light gray on top, dark gray on bottom, it looked like it was just sitting there.

That got me hooked. It was my first ufo pic ever! So I went out and bought a Nikon D60 with 10.1 megapixels, and the pics Im getting now is 100% better just incredible!

See an amazing video and my analysis of: Yuma Arizona Video - UFO or Planet?

I am very well read on Nibiru, 2012 etc. But the picture I sent you, which I hope it came through, was so incredible I had to send it ito someone.

I must mention that yellow orbish craft is directly above a Marine Base Airfield, there were no jets taking off or landing while I was shooting. Which was all of 15 minutes, I used a tripod on a few shots.

I must say Dirk if you are interested, I have some amazing photo evidence of a super top secret tests happening here right off shore from where I live.

I have a pic that shows a disc shaped craft in invisible mode ( But contrails are very visible) make an impossible 180 degree turn in 2 seconds and completely reversed direction trying to out run another contrail that looked like it just "appeared" through a worm hole and started chasing the other craft heading directly at the other invisible craft then it made that insane turn, I have that photo in that exact moment, and I actually have images of one of the two super fast discs.

In the last 6 months I have now captured images of over 6 or 7 different shapes, Dark Black huge cylindars, White cylindars, bell shaped, saucer shapped, formations, etc. I need someone I can trust. Aloha, Frank

Click on the 'NEXT' arrow for my analysis of this amazing photo!

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