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A Few Words from...
Richard Dolan
“The Admiral Wilson UFO Story”

Posted: 14:00 August 8, 2008

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 8:49 PM, Richard Dolan wrote:

Greetings all...

I chatted with Billy Cox a bit prior to his article, and more to the point, spoke with Admiral Thomas Wilson in late 2006, not long after Dr. Steven Greer's book – “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge” -- came out in which he mentioned Wilson by name.

I had known about this meeting before Greer published his account. The information came to me through another party. This other source, while not giving me Wilson's name, gave me some explicit information about the nature of the meeting (top level DoD official who met with Greer, then being denied access to black programs dealing with ET technology).

As I understood it at the time, Greer and Edgar Mitchell met with Wilson in April 1997, and that Wilson took two months to continue looking into the matter. At that point, he reached the program but was denied access to it. My source indicated that the primary people who denied Wilson were not even DoD personnel, but rather private contractors, mainly attorneys.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Apollo 14 Astronaut

Walked on the Moon for 9 Hours To Reach “Cone Crater”

They told him that he did not have a need to know, and furthermore, that the only reason he got an audience from them was so they could determine how he learned about the program.

When Greer's book came out, mentioning the meeting and naming Wilson, I checked with my source. "I assume it's Wilson?" I asked.

"Yes, it was Wilson," came the answer.

At that point, I decided to try to speak to Admiral Wilson. Before doing so, I wrote to Edgar Mitchell. He also confirmed that the meeting took place, although he was not especially interested at that time in doing much more than stating that Wilson "would look into it."

So, armed with pretty good support from some high profile people that the meeting DID occur, I was able to track down and phone Wilson. This was in October 2006.

Our conversation started very cordially. That is, until I mentioned that I was researching the UFO phenomena and a meeting he had regarding the topic in 1997. He feigned ignorance ("my memory is foggy") until I mentioned confirming statements by Mitchell and my other source. Then his answer was "I vaguely recall....."

At that point I mentioned that his name was in Greer's book. I can assure you THAT got his interest. He asked me to read him the relevant passage, which I did.

At this point, Admiral Wilson's voice changed noticeably. Whereas he had been relaxed and low key when we started, his voice became high pitched. He seemed to be rather annoyed, maybe angry. He told me that, yes, he had met with Greer and Mitchell. That he only did so because he was "curious" why someone of Dr. Mitchell's stature would be pursuing this matter. "Everything else" Greer wrote about the meeting (whatever that means) was "poppycock."

Wilson then told me he needed to go to a meeting and ended the conversation.

I was left with a distinct impression that Greer's account of the matter was substantially correct. That is, that Greer and Mitchell did persuade Wilson to look into it, and that Wilson did so. Furthermore, that he was denied access to said programs.

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