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Stephen Yulish was always interested in UFOs and was a member of NICAP and APRO in the 1960s after reading Project Bluebook. He studied astronomy and exobiology at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 1969. He eventually became a History Professor at The University of Arizona for seven years where he visited Allen Hyneck's Tucson group. He became interested in Bible Prophecy after he had a headon collision with Jesus Christ in 1988. He is presently disabled with MS and writes about endtime scenarios. Email Stephen Yulish. Visit Stephen Yulish's website.

My 1995 Story Line on UFOs for
The X-Files TV Show

by Stephen Yulish PhD

Posted: 00:00 August 5, 2008

With all the hype this past week concerning UFOs due to Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's announcement ("Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Claims Alien Contact ", Dirk Vander Ploeg, UFO Digest 7/24/08) as well as the release of the new X-Files movie, "I Want to Believe, which I enjoyed even though it dealt with the paranormal visions of a pedophile priest not with UFOs, I decided that it was time to finally reveal my story line on UFOs for the X-Files that I sent to Producer Chris Carter thirteen years ago.

The Catching Away

October, 1, Potomac Maryland, 6:30 PM

Scully and Mulder are walking down a quiet suburban street. It is just after sunset. The wind is blowing in an ever increasing swirl as lightning blasts light up the sky.

"Why Scully? Tell me again, why do we have to go?" Mulder questions shaking his head.

"Because tonight is Rosh Hashanah.

"So, I'm not Jewish. You're not Jewish, are you?

"Mulder, please. Tonight is the day when the gates of heaven are opened.

"Great!" Mulder replies looking up at the lightning show. "What are you talking about? Who told you all this?

"Calm down, Mulder. Here is the synagogue."

Before them is Beth El Synagogue with a mass of people entering quickly to get out of the swirling wind. A loud burst of thunder rattles the people. Scully and Mulder run up to the door. A man greets them asking for tickets.

"Tickets!? Do you need tickets to worship?" Mulder groans.

"Yes sir you do. The seating is limited and the demand is high this time of year," the man counters with a forced smile.

"Here you go," Scully replies handing the man two tickets.

"Where did you get those tickets, Scully?

"A friend..."

Here Mulder, put this on your head," Scully continues, handing Mulder a yarmulke from the nearby bin,
As they sit down, Mulder keeps questioning her as to why they are there. She explains that she has a hunch that she wants to check out.
"A hunch? You dragged me out in a storm to a synagogue to confirm a hunch? A hunch about what?
"La Shana Tova Tikatevu," remarks an elderly lady next to Mulder. "What did she say? Scully?
"She said, may you be inscribed for a good year in the Book of Life. "Wonderful, what does that mean?


They sit quietly as the service progresses. Mulder fidgets but Scully looks on intently as if knowing what might happen. Mulder looks at his watch and tries to straighten his skullcap.

"Have you ever been to a synagogue before?" the elderly woman asks Mulder.

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