My Struggle Against Spiritual Forms of Wickedness in Heavenly Places
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Stephen Yulish was always interested in UFOs and was a member of NICAP and APRO in the 1960s after reading Project Bluebook. He studied astronomy and exobiology at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 1969. He eventually became a History Professor at The University of Arizona for seven years where he visited Allen Hyneck's Tucson group. He became interested in Bible Prophecy after he had a headon collision with Jesus Christ in 1988. He is presently disabled with MS and writes about endtime scenarios. Email Stephen Yulish. Visit Stephen Yulish's website.

My Struggle Against Spiritual Forms of Wickedness in Heavenly Places
by Stephen Yulish PhD

Posted: 23:59 September 1, 2007

My Struggle Against Spiritual Forms of Wickedness in Heavenly Places

My first article for UFO Digest, The Upcoming Great Deception, was posted on December 15, 2006 in spite of Publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg's initial reservations. Since then, I have written 18 more articles which Dirk has so graciously decided to post even when some of them have been unfavorable to other UFO Digest authors. I get especially annoyed when some writers try and explain that Biblical events and Biblical figures originated from beings on some other planet or galaxy. In my mind, these explanations not only fail the Apostle John's testing of the spirits (1John 4:1-3) but also fail the test of Ockham's razor of parsimony which states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. I think that it takes far more blind faith as well as feats of extraordinary, mental gymnastics to come to the conclusion that Jesus was an alien from another star system than to simply believe that He was who He said that He was, namely one with His Father (God) John 10:30. Jesus is part of the triune (not trinity), single, Godhead of the Bible, made of three parts namely Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He came to earth from the Father to die for our sins and give all who believe in Him eternal life. To say that He came from the planet Nibiru on a spaceship is what I called an anathema, or simply an outrage or blasphemy but not a curse or a cause for excommunication.

My articles also astonishingly have been picked up by over 60 other UFO/Paranormal websites around the globe and I have received correspondence from the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and Brazil to name a few.

It has been a inspirational experience for this former New Age, Gnostic searcher (my Masters Thesis in 1972 was on the Gnostic philosopher Rudolf Steiner: A Seeker in Pursuit of Truth and Self Knowledge.) who, while always interested in UFOs and the paranormal and who had a personal nationally known psychic and an astrologer, now however unexpectedly, has found himself following Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. As I have said many times before, that is probably why I write articles for UFO Digest and appear on Paranormal/ UFO radio programs. I can relate to these audiences, since I was once there also. I sincerely try not to be condescending or judgmental since I remember how that behavior used to bother me. Sometimes, however, I go over the line and I apologize for that.

I agree with those of you at UFO Digest that believe that UFOs do exist. I do not believe that people who see them or who claim to have been abducted by them are crazy or hallucinating. I do believe however, that I have uncovered the truth that they are fallen angels of a demonic nature who have come to earth to deceive the population. This conclusion has put me in enmity not only with my scientific and so called rational friends who debunk UFOs altogether but also with many Christians who do not understand the concept of aliens as fallen angels. With all of this rather diverse annoyance at my conclusions, I figure that I must really be on to something. It appears to me that God obviously had a plan for my life long before I had any idea of what it would be.

In 1992, my wife Paula and I moved from the hot desert of Phoenix up the cool mountains of Flagstaff, AZ. I had been unable to work for about a year because of my rather newly discovered Multiple Sclerosis (extensive brain lesions) so when an opportunity arose to work at a BIA High School on the Navajo Reservation for a former student of mine at the University of Arizona fifteen years earlier, I decided to give it a shot. I had traveled all over Indian country back in my professorial days and had even taught some summer classes in Ganado, AZ (home of the famous Hubbells Trading Post and not too far from beautiful Canyon de Chelly). My former undergraduate Dine (Navajo) student, now Dr. Harold Begay, had apparently kept an eye on me back in those days, and when I came to apply for the job, he hired me on the spot. God had a plan. I worked at Greyhills High School in Tuba City, Arizona for two years writing grants for this laboratory school affiliated with the University of Chicago. I even got an office at Northern Arizona University here in Flagstaff which also was affiliated with the school. I rode in a carpool 75 miles each way every day from Flagstaff to Tuba City up on the Navajo Reservation with a Mormon, a New Age fellow, and a Muslim from Libya. What an experience that turned out to be. In 1994, my health failed once again and I decided to apply for disability.

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