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Confusion and Contradictions
The Cardiff UFO sightings

by Andrew Russell

Posted: 16:00 September 22, 2008

Cops chase a UFO over Cardiff
Front Page of The Sun newspaper September 22, 2008.

To be a good liar who have to get your story correct. If several people are telling the same lie then they all have to be singing off the same hymn sheet. So when South Wales Police, the MoD and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) can't get their stories straight, one might be forgiven for being a bit suspicious. When the story revolves around an alleged near-miss with a UFO and a police helicopter, then I could be forgiven for thinking they have something to hide.

"UFOs over Cardiff?" screamed the South Wales Echo, with a picture of the 'Independence Day' mothership hovering over the Cardiff city skyline. As the story broke around the world all three of the aforementioned government bodies would spend the next few weeks fighting off a media frenzy and trying to satisfy researchers searching questions. What was interesting from the outset was South Wales Police's initial willingness to discuss the incident then their sudden retraction of certain elements of what allegedly happened. But as we shall see, once you begin to change the story, the more holes that begin to appear.

The story began during the early hours of June 8th, where while waiting for clearance to land at RAF St Athan, the crew of the police helicopter spotted a 'flying saucer shaped' object approaching them at speed from below. The crew took evasive action and gave chase over the Bristol channel until they ran low on fuel.

I began approaching the MoD, the CAA and the South Wales Police using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to answer some critical questions. Firstly, the MoD claimed to know about the case through the media, but had not received any reports and therefore was not taking it any further. Secondly, the CAA claimed that after checking their database of 'events' they claimed they had no knowledge of the incident. South Wales Police now retracted any notion that a chase took place, citing that the media had reported this inaccurately. Yet, as in time honoured tradition, witnesses started to come forth to contradict the police version of events.

Amanda X came forward to say that she saw a UFO being chased by a helicopter from her vantage point in the centre of Cardiff. She claims that the craft and the helicopter flew overhead towards the coast (which would have been towards North Devon). George Witherington, a retired RAF glider pilot reported a similar sighting from St Mellons, near Cardiff. I have been contacted by a number of witnesses who report seeing strange objects in and around the Cardiff area throughout June 7th and June 8th which would also indicate that the object (or objects) were in the area before and after the alleged chase. Further to contradict the claims that no chase took place was Cardiff airports own Air Traffic Control (ATC). ATC claimed via the BBC that they provided "a service" to the police helicopter to "ensure it had enough air space to return to RAF St Athan to refuel". Dave Pavoni, producer with The UFO Hunters TV show, also showed me an email he had received from a commercial airline pilot operating out of Cardiff airport that states his plane was warned to the fact that a police helicopter was "tracking" a UFO. He also claims to have witnessed the police helicopter landed at Cardiff airport. I am quite confident the chase took place. If no chase had taken place the helicopter would simply have needed to land at RAF St Athan after taking evasive action and would be nowhere near Cardiff Airport. Further to this how can the CAA claim they have no knowledge of this incident when ATC were involved throughout the incident?

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