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Fight the Gray Realm
by Leah J. Utas

Posted: 15:00 September 1, 2008

Fight the Gray Realm
This is a dangerous, seductive time. From now to the time of the Earth changes humanity faces its most important decision: stride or slide.

Both individually and collectively we need to decide whether to take the bold step forward into the next age, or slide back and wallow in the material gratification of a physical life without learning.

By sliding back we will effectively close our hearts and minds to the rest of life. We'll open our souls to the energies that inhabit the lower end of the spiritual spectrum and this opens the way for material seduction. My guides told me, "There are forces that see the Earth changes as an opportunity to keep humanity on the material level."

These are gray spirits. They believe there is no spiritual light and love for them. They want us believe that all we get is one life and one chance. They seize every opportunity to seduce us to their side, but there is a way to fight them. We must help these wretched, misguided souls know they are loved.

The spirits who dwell in the gray realm feed on the energy we create by remaining fixed on the world of violence and material gain. In this volatile time they can be especially seductive. The reason? What they need requires no effort from us at all.

These wretched souls are us--humans who devoted their lives to war and riches and the subjugation of others. They can move forward, but they don't know it. They believe they are stuck.

These spirits don't believe God wants them. They feed off the negative energies of war, pollution, subjugation, and rapacious gain being created now, and they want us to wallow with them. Our relationship to them is symbiotic. Those who create the negative energy here are susceptible to their influence. The vibe we create strengthens them. We get material gain, and the gray realmers influence our feelings of gratification for it. The energy of one feeds the other.

These entities need us, but not this way. What they really need is for us to convince them they are loved and help them to the light. Mainstream religions have labeled them as demons, even The Devil.

But my guides noted there is no Devil as such, only these negative energies.

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