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"2 Eggs on a Roll, No Beacon"


Close Encounter - An In-Flight CE-1

by Robert D. Morningstar

New York City, October 10th, 2006.

I am a civilian pilot and have flown single engine Cessnas and Pipers since 1984.

I started flying in April 1984 at Mid-County Flyers, a flying school located at MacArthur Airport, Ronkonkoma, Long Island. The school closed in 1990 at which time I switched my flying activities to Essex County Airport, NJ. My Ground School Instructor at Manhattan Community College was Joe Gallia, the former Chief Pilot for Grumman Aircraft Company and a legendary “test pilot.” Joe Gallia also gave me my first lessons in gliders, as well as, basic instrument training.

One hazy morning in March 1990, after departure from MacArthur Airport on a solo flight to Poughkeepsie, I approached the “Northport Stacks” (a reporting point) near a northern LI power plant situated right on the shore of Long Island Sound. It was then that I experienced an in-flight CE-1 with 2 egg-shaped UFOs that flew across from left to right (south to north) at nearly right angle to my flight path and across the nose of my plane about 300 feet ahead and 50 to 100 feet below the Cessna Skyhawk that I rented at MacArthur Airport, LI. The 2 objects were in a climb, starting about 200 feet below me on my left quarter when first sighted then rising through and above my flight level when I saw them disappear over Long Island Sound on my right quarter as I passed their line of flight. The sighting lasted approximately 20 seconds during which time they covered 5-7 miles, accelerating constantly before disappearing into haze over Long Island Sound.

I had just taken off a few minutes before and I was still under control of the MacArthur Tower Controllers just prior to switching frequency to regular Air Traffic Control. I was squawking a transponder code of “1200”. A transponder sends a strong radio signal that lights up on radar more efficiently than a regular bounced radar return. I was receiving traffic reports and separation from surrounding local air traffic from the tower personnel.

As I approached Northport, heading west and scanning the area, I suddenly noticed two fast-approaching, dull white objects on my left quarter coming out of the late morning haze about a mile and half away and closing on my flight path rapidly.

As I watched them coming closer, I saw 2 wingless egg-shaped craft approach quickly off my left wing. I had an excellent view of their right quarter as we closed. Then I had full front view of their silhouettes as they crossed, passing ahead of me, and finally a tail view on my right wing as I crossed their flight path at a right angle. The tail view revealed that they had an oval shape in rear view section (again like an egg) with the long axis in the vertical. In some ways their oval shape reminded me of 2 hulls of an America’s Cup yacht, joined as top and bottom, without the keel. As I recall, the 2 craft also brought to mind in almost every detail of their shape, color and flight characteristics those seen in the Nicholas Mariana UFO film taken in Montana in 1950, which I have studied for many years. They flew so uniformly with no bobbing or waving that they seemed almost tethered together by an invisible magnetic force but slightly offset, not directly one behind the other, but rather with the trailing one, “the Wingman,” slightly closer to me than the leading one.

I have attached a composition that I have made of the UFO encounter. I have attempted to approximate the shapes to reflect what I saw accurately and have scaled the landscape, adding a facsimile of the "Northport Stacks" to recreate an idea of what I saw as it might have been seen from another aircraft at a lower altitude.

UFO characteristics:

See sectional chart below…

<-X indicates my approximate position and flight path, /|\Y indicates flight path of objects, designated by 2 0 s)

1. No wings nor tails (with a small cupola on each one).
2. Travelling at several hundred miles per hour (as if tethered by magnetic forces, offset from each other slightly, not directly behind one another.
3. No shock waves.
4. No noise perceived above my engine noise.
5. No electrical anomalies in my plane or radio interference.
6. And, most importantly, invisible to ATC radar to whom I reported:

"MacArthur Tower, Niner November Uniform… I have 2 fast moving aircraft approaching off my left wing…"

Tower responded:

"We don't see them on our radar..."

"MacArthur Tower, the traffic is passing ahead and below my position…Clear of traffic… I am surprised that you can't see them…. Niner November Uniform"

Tower: "Niner November Uniform …Sometimes we can't pick up traffic below a certain altitude."

I was on their radarscopes at 1800 feet as the "2 eggs" had passed climbing between 50-100 feet below me when they "crossed my bow." I never lost sight of them below the nose of the aircraft and I saw them very clearly with an excellent side view of their profiles in silhouette as I closed and passed their flight line. Needless to say, I did not tell ATC what kind of craft they were and I never would. Nor would I ever report a sighting of any kind to the police or government authorities, FAA, DoD or other unless someone had suffered injury…or abduction. Why waste time and risk censure? This is a mystery and paradox, which we, the public, must solve ourselves. As I view it, since The Robertson Report of 1953 and definitively after the Condon Report of the late 1960s, the US government has abdicated its responsibility to investigate UFOs and it is up to us, the general public and general science, to resolve the problem. Frank Edwards wrote "Flying Saucers - Serious Business." I would add "Flying Saucers - Our Business"... not the government's business since they have publicly renounced any responsibility or concern (and have so amply demonstrated disinterest, a penchant for discrediting and harassing witnesses), proclaiming vocally for over 50 years that "Flying Saucers don't exist" and that they pose "No threat to National Security". So they say…

For these reasons, I view making reports to government authorities as an exercise in futility but I do believe it is very important to make reports to the public and I do so here to support all those pilots, both commercial and private, who have done so and to encourage those who have been constrained to do so for fear of losing their licenses or livelihoods. Those pilots who are courageous enough to speak publicly on such matters (even anonymously) should be respected and not doubted or ridiculed. I believe that a pilot's vision, judgments of distances, speeds and directions are more reliable than those of the general public.

For detailed map of Flight Path click here.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend a new section of study on UFO Digest, comprised of pilot reports, whereby such accounts could be published while guaranteeing the privacy and anonymity of the person submitting such UFO PIREPs (UFO Pilot Reports).

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