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Luca Scantamburlo, B.ALuca Scantamburlo, born in Treviso (Italy) in 1974, got a diploma in 1993 as industrial chemical technician: in July 2006 he took an Arts degree at the Venetian "Ca'Foscari University" with a thesis in bioethics entitled "The Humanity of Tomorrow in the Science-fiction Prefiguration. From the Generation of Man to the Technical Production of the Machine-Man." Italian journalist from 2006, he is member of several associations, like the Free Lance International Press, the Planetary Society and the C.U.N. (Ufological National Centre, Italy). Since 2003 Scantamburlo has been writing for "UFO Notiziario" (which means in Italian "UFO News"), the bimonthly Italian magazine on UFOs phenomena and Space exploration. Before to become a journalist, in 1996 he left uncompleted his studies of Pure Chemistry at Padova University. As author of short stories (not yet published), Luca Scantamburlo won some local literary prizes. His website is the following: or contact him by email

Italian Encyclopaedia for Teenagers Mentions The Planet Nubiru and Its Inhabitants - the Anunnaki!
Courageous Editorial Choice by Istituto Geografico De Agostini
by L. Scantamburlo
Posted: October 22, 2006

Italian Encyclopaedia for Teenagers Mentions The Planet Nubiru and Its Inhabitants - the Anunnaki!Last 25th of September 2006 the prestigious Milanese newspaper Corriere della Sera sold by bookstall distribuited, at the price of 12.90 Euro plus the cost of the journal, the encyclopaedic text entitled Il Cielo (which in Italian means The Sky), by Rizzoli Junior and carried out by the Istituto Geografico De Agostini, but partly come from the Encyclopaedia of Discovery by Weldon Owen Inc.

The book by Rizzoli Junior, hard-bound and composed by 317 colour pages, is well bound and is subdivided in seven sections, which are the following: the "Great Dictionary of Sky and Universe", "Knowing the Sky", "The Flight", "Stars and Planets, "Dates and Data", "Photogaphic Ways" e "To read and to see". The clear and simple language, considering the teenager target, does not renounce to the terminological and conceptual rigour. Therefore I suggest the reading of it not only to the youth, but also to the adults who love the astronomical divulgation.

Moreover a very remarkable thing is that in the section "Stars and Planets" (see the chapter "Our neighbours") at the page 233 there is a paragraph entitled "Il decimo pianeta non è una novità", which means in Italian "The Tenth Planet is not a news": the Italian members of the editorial staff talk about the ancient knowledge of the Solar System in the Sumerian Cosmogony, and they write:

"[...] il sistema solare contava tutti i pianeti a noi noti oltre a Tiamat e Nibiru. Quest'ultimo sarebbe il pianeta più lontano del Sistema [...]".

Translating from Italian into English we have:

"[...] the solar system counted all the planets we know besides Tiamat and Nibiru. The last one would be the farthest planet of the system [...]"

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